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  1. Batbia

    I need to change my strings! (and you too, Ari 🦆🔪)

    Hello everyone! Sooo since I bought my guitars I never changed my strings and I've been thinking lately that I should have done this earlier, but whatever 😹 Well, looks like life wanted to give me a little push too, cause a string on my acoustic broke out of nowhere and I'm not even using it, so...
  2. Batbia

    String height and other issues

    Hello everyone! So I'm feeling the strings of my guitar are a bit too high when I play. I measured the height (don't know if I measured it right tbh) between the top of the 12th fret and the low E string and it's 3 mm. Is it really too high or is this height considered normal? If it's too high...
  3. Batbia

    2021 Goals!

    Hi guys! Well, January is basically over, but the year is just starting, so I thought it would be cool to post my first thread here! I would like to know what are your goals for this year! Play a specific song? Dominate a specific technique? Buy a new guitar? Get rid of tabs? Complete a certain...