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  1. seeyouagain


  2. wishyouwerehere


  3. K

    Comment by 'Kyle Roberts' in media 'NGD! My new Riot-4'

    Ive always liked those basses and guitars but ive never seen a poplar top i love in person
  4. Attention bass practice

    Attention bass practice

  5. My hero play along showcase

    My hero play along showcase

    First time playing in front of people. Wasnt the best wasnt the worst, but I enjoyed it a lot.
  6. Seek and destroy play along

    Seek and destroy play along

    double time is rough. maybe someday
  7. Like a stone play along

    Like a stone play along

    Better. Still meh. But better. I also have the heaviest foot in the world apparently lol sorry
  8. K

    Comment by 'Kyle Roberts' in media 'Guns n' Roses - November Rain solo'

    Those FUCKIN BENDS THOOOO. Very well done man
  9. Day one Like a stone

    Day one Like a stone

    Still have to comit the chords to memory im having to read them while playing at the moment, but doesnt feel too bad for a first try. The mistakes just let you know its actually me playing right?
  10. Like a stone solo

    Like a stone solo

    Learning the full song, but I love the use of the whammy in the solo
  11. K

    Comment by 'Kyle Roberts' in media 'Heavy Practice'

    forgot to hit reply see comment above lol
  12. K

    Comment by 'Kyle Roberts' in media 'Heavy Practice'

    Thank you the phone compressed it a bit, but I am trying to work more on accenting and dynamics. Taylor academy 10e the first time i picked one up i was super impressed by it, snagged it used for 300 Elixir phosphor bronze strings they were on the one I got to try out and fell in love with the...
  13. Heavy Practice

    Heavy Practice

    Great 4 chord song with quick transitions and strum patterns
  14. K

    Dont forget you can alter playback speed on YouTube

    Especially if youre someone like me who doesnt utilize the metronome as much as they should, if youre struggling with a riff or passage you can alter the youtube playback speed to half speed or so to get it under your fingers and move up a bit from there to give you the full backing track for...
  15. MyOwnWorstEnemy take 2

    MyOwnWorstEnemy take 2

    10 days later in 30 days
  16. MyOwnWorstEnemy practice

    MyOwnWorstEnemy practice

    issuing myself another 30 day challenge take 1
  17. K

    Tour The Rev

    I wouldnt be against it, but I also dont think its something that should be expected, or asked of them. Everyone has there own way of greiving and anniversaries of tragic events are deeply individual in that aspect.
  18. Fade to black riffs redone

    Fade to black riffs redone

    A redo of the first thing i shared on Synner back in april 2021 https://youtu.be/RHde36pLoYE for comparison. I feel like ive come around a little bit, and am excited to continue on this journey with you all. Thank you all for being so kind and helpful