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  1. Marigold by periphery cover

    Marigold by periphery cover

    I had to use a pitch shifter because my floyd rose is set up to E standard tuning so it can´t handle C drop tuning, which is the tuning of these song.
  2. I hold on solo by Slash

    I hold on solo by Slash

    Hope you enjoy it :)
  3. goose polyphia

    goose polyphia

    Some months ago I uploaded some videos practicing some exercises and jazz improvisations meant to get me ready for music school acces exam, which I failed for second time in three years. I didn´t upload as many videos as I would like to because I was really burned out of playing guitar at that...
  4. all the things you are

    all the things you are

    This is the thirth song I´m going to play on my acces exam to the music school
  5. desafinado


    This is a bossa nova called "desafinado". It´s an other song that i´m planing to play in the acces exam that i´ve been talking about so I will upload more videos playing these song
  6. all the things you are

    all the things you are

    It´s been a while since the last video i posted here. This time I recorded an improvisation over "all the things you are". This is the first time I played this song in a lot of days so I get lost sometimes.
  7. all of me improvisation(Gypsy jazz style)

    all of me improvisation(Gypsy jazz style)

    I have decided that I´m going to play this song in the acces exam to enter a music school, so I will upload a lot of videos playing this standard
  8. I´ll see you in my dreams  Django

    I´ll see you in my dreams Django

    After listening to the recording of this cover I noticed a lot of mistakes that are hard to notice to on real time while playin. I will be working on fix those mistakes
  9. 2022 02 16 days of wine and roses

    2022 02 16 days of wine and roses

    So the past week one of the music schools in which I´m planning to take an acces exam organiced an open day in which i got to see some lessons and receive a lesson from a teacher from the school. The teacher told me that I´m not skilled enought to pass the exam and gave me a few advices to work...
  10. like someone in love

    like someone in love

    This improvisation is over a jazz standard called "like someone in love"
  11. improvisation over "four"

    improvisation over "four"

    In this recording I´m trying to aply some of the beebop ideas that I uploated a couple days ago, which happends to be quite difficult to do it on a real improvisation situation
  12. days of wine and roses

    days of wine and roses

    An improvisation over jazz standard "days of wine and roses"
  13. beebop scale excercises

    beebop scale excercises

    I have an online teacher who taught me the beebop scales and how are they suposed to be used to and he told me that I shoud try to come up with some ideas to use them in a musical way so then I can use those ideas while improvising, this is 5 ideas that I came up this afternoon. I looped three...
  14. beautifull love

    beautifull love

    This is an improvisation over a jazz standard called "beautifull love"
  15. all the things you are improvisation

    all the things you are improvisation

    Improvisation over the jazz standard "all the things you are"
  16. tune up improvisation

    tune up improvisation

    This time I´m constantly watching the laptop screen because this standard has a lot of different chords and i didn´t learn all the harmony of the song
  17. straight no chaser improvisation

    straight no chaser improvisation

    It seems that since the last time I entered the SynGates school the jazz section for the student media has been deleted so I´m just going to upload my jazz improvisation/practice in the riff section. This one is an improvisation over "Straight no Chaser" by Thelonius Monk
  18. improvisation over solar

    improvisation over solar

    Hi everyone! A while ago I promised that I was going to be more active in the SynGates school...this time I promise that I´m just not going to dissapeard from here XD. So around two years ago I had the intenton to take an access exam to be admited in a jazz school, I even asked for some help...
  19. c minor improvisation

    c minor improvisation

    I used the C minor backing track provided on the diminished scale lesson and I tried to apply the Ab diminished on the V chord. I feel that my playing has turned slopier lately and that my chops arent as good as they used to be and I think that the reason of that is that I was burned out...
  20. little improvisation (B flat)

    little improvisation (B flat)

    This is somethimg I do to get more familiar to scales or keys I don´t control well. I improvise with chords and some leads runs, I am not thinking on particuar chords, I just try to fit the chords in the scale pattern to know were it is. What I am thinking about while doing this is the scale...