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  1. Forgetabull

    Guitar Quick Tip: Changing Magnets your pickups and correct phase

    Howdy, A simple thing you can do with cheaper humbucker is swap out the ceramic magnet for an alnico one. Something you will want to ensure is that you keep the magnet in the right orientation. (Or potentially to reverse the orientation if you want that out of phase sound). An easy way to do...
  2. Forgetabull

    Fix hover state on navigation on desktop

    Howdy, could we have a site feedback forum? It's so we can report bugs. Like this one:
  3. Forgetabull

    Wtf is wrong with my G ?

    Hi guys, I've recently changed my strings from 9s to 10s asked in getting this buzzing noise from my G string. It doesn't seem to be caused my the nut as when I fret it higher than the open string it will still buzz like this. I already had foam to reduce spring noise, but tried adding more...
  4. Forgetabull

    Recording directly on Linux

    Howdy, had anyone got much experience with this? I have successfully installed jack, qtjackctl and rakarack, however the sound I seem to get through it is all rather dull like the treble was completely cut out. I have been using this as my initial guide...
  5. Forgetabull

    Clicking the Follow Button

    Howdy, Does that feature work for anyone else ? It seems to do nothing for me.