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  1. Forgetabull

    Putting the fun back into playing and breaking harmful mindsets

    My suggestion would be to try to express yourself through your guitar. Get some backing tracks and noodle then with the intention of expressing yourself. This in itself with improve your technique as you will not think about the moves, you will think about how to say something that both isn't...
  2. Forgetabull

    Left handed and acoustic guitar

    Yes, most of the lessons can be done with an acoustic. It may also help you with your finger strength if you did end up getting an electric.
  3. Forgetabull

    Bad selector switch?

    If the guitar is 2nd hand, you could try contact cleaner and working the switch.
  4. Forgetabull

    Comment by 'Forgetabull' in media 'Venom by BFMV'

    Probably our first riff with groupies
  5. Forgetabull

    Comment by 'Forgetabull' in media 'Chord and Strumming Practice'

    I thing something you might like to try is just switching between two chords, that will help with your memory and how fluid your changes will be. A couple of good ones for this are: * A minor to C * E minor to A minor * E major to A minor * E minor to A major * E major to A major (Brown Eye...
  6. Forgetabull

    Guitar Guitar Strap

    A method some people use is to essentially have the guitar at the same height when standing as when you are sitting. Ie. Adjust the strap so that the guitar doesn't go any lower when you stand up from a sitting position. Another thing is, when you're going from strum to soloing, that's where...
  7. Forgetabull

    What makes your playing uniquely you?

    I have a distinct inability to remember songs or solos, so thereby improv a lot *coughwnkingcough* when I'm jamming with others..
  8. Forgetabull

    Comment by 'Forgetabull' in media 'Rock bottom Lead guitar with my new shiny Flying V!'

    Is it light ? The only V I've had was super light so would have been great for standing. Hated sittting with it though !
  9. Forgetabull

    I decided to come back

    I'm glad you are back
  10. Forgetabull

    Song recommendations

    ...time keeps dragging on.....
  11. Forgetabull

    Will you please help me fix my amp

    You have a Line 6 Spider ? * Did you try the listening through headphone jack instead of using the speaker ? That should confirm your cable/guitar are both working. * If you aren't hearing anything out of your headphones, then get another cable to test with. * If possible, take your...
  12. Forgetabull

    Comment by 'Forgetabull' in media 'Chord Review'

    Well done! What I'd like to see you focus on next is to keep your strumming even. It's ok to strum the strings "whilst you're in transition between chords". If you listen to enough accoustic songs, you'll notice that when some people are strumming, they'll strum with all their fingers off...
  13. Forgetabull

    Guitar I wanna get better as a guitarist as a lead / rhythm

    This +1 You'll be surprised, you can often hit the wrong note and/or chord and people won't generally notice if you have that rhythm locked in. Also, once you get good at counting beats/feeling that rhythm, it allows you to pick up mid song if you're playing with others.
  14. Forgetabull


    I started at 38, plenty of us old timers here mate, welcome.
  15. Forgetabull

    CCC G AA G EE DD C...

    CCC G AA G EE DD C...
  16. Forgetabull


    It's hard to get good photos of the saddle for comparisons but... My old crappy dying plastic saddle next to a full height new saddle. The slight difference in heights. Also I should have used a straight edge to sand the plastic nut. You can see the slight height difference again.
  17. Forgetabull


    Here's a site that shows when you should adjust your truss rod: https://www.guitarbitz.com/pages/trussrod-adjustment With what I see of your first picture, I don't think you need to adjust it. 10-52s should be fine for that guitar, I'm thinking you just need to sand that saddle down a bit...
  18. Forgetabull


    That's the saddle.
  19. Forgetabull


    How straight does the neck look ? If the neck doesn't have an obvious front bow (bending towards the front of the guitar). Then we shouldn't have to worry about the truss or strings tension being to high (basically if your guitar was expecting 10s or 11s and you put on 13s etc). The saddle is...
  20. Forgetabull


    Start with your saddle. Need lowering a lot. Your strings at the 12th fret should be around 1.5-2mm off that fret depending on how high an action you like and how levels the frets are. You should also check your intonation once you have lowered your saddle. Typically you only adjust the...