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  1. MaybeBaby

    Best guitar pick for Syn's style of playing

    Hello SYNNER'S! I had been playing the guitar for about 7 years before I began to learn Synyster's playing style (Sweep picking, economy picking, etc.) And for the majority of that time, I was using Jazz 3 picks. A while ago, I tried using a regular sized pick (specifically, this PRS Heavy)...
  2. MaybeBaby

    Guitar Synyster custom s issue

    What's up fam? I got this beauty and the beast back in January, super happy with the guitar. Last couple of weeks I noticed this issue that happen sometimes when I switch pickup. It sound...dead like with no sound. Flicking the switch back and forth sometimes fix it. Does anyone know what's...
  3. MaybeBaby

    Boss RC-5 Loop station issue

    Hey fam! I bought this loop pedal and I feel like I've been ripped off.. The loop sounds fine but once I play over it....this happens. Never mind the wrong notes..I'm was to mad at this pedal. I tried to mess with the loop level but it makes it even worse Someone has a solution to it?
  4. MaybeBaby

    How to get the SCHECTER Synyster Custom-S

    Hey there people! I am looking to make my dream come true and get the Custom-S guitar The problem is that locally it's out of stock and I can't find a website where I can order the guitar to Israel. I'm specifically looking for the BLK/SILV design. Can someone please help me :)
  5. MaybeBaby

    Am i sweeping right?

    Hey there! I started learning sweep picking pretty recently and I think I don't do it right. Here is a video of me playing a bit from Sweep Picking II Please pay attention to my picking hand, I feel like it's moving to much in comparison to syn. Am I doing it right? I would appreciate the help.