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  1. Dk6661

    How do i go about this issue?

    Does anyone else have this problem like i'll start learning a song then about halfway through it i'll switch to a different song because i decide i don't want to do it anymore there's a lot of songs i started but never finished because of that and i also can't make up my mind on what i want to...
  2. Dk6661

    I have a question

    Is it normal to feel uncomfortable while playing a different guitar then usual or is it just me because iv'e been using nothing but my syn custom for a long time but then when i switch to my schecter omen 6 walnut satin it feels completely different and uncomfortable to play does anyone else...
  3. Dk6661

    Posting on social media platforms

    How do i post a cover of a solo on yt or any social media platform without it getting copyrighted i never had to deal with it before until now i posted a solo of rebel love song a few days ago without anything happening but then i tried to post the set the world on fire solo today and it got...
  4. Dk6661

    Music theory

    I'm kind of the person that just likes to learn songs rather then learning music theory is that a bad thing because my plan originally was to learn all my favorite songs first then do music theory last or should i have started theory earlier now i'm stuck on what i want to do.
  5. Dk6661


    I'm debating on which song i want to learn and it's between blinded in chains, danger line, and unbound i want to try to challenge myself and i know those three songs are pretty challenging any suggestions?
  6. Dk6661

    Motivation is back

    I finally had the urge to pick my guitar back up after listening to beast and the harlot again and if i remember correctly that is the song that made me want to pick up a guitar in the first place im currently working on the solo right now and its pretty challenging for me at the moment but im...
  7. Dk6661

    Losing motivation

    ive been losing my motivation to want to pick up my guitar nowadays like i was all about it and excited to learn to play when i first started but now i dont play it as much as i used to its like i just hit a brick wall and lost my motivation to play or even try to learn anything i dont know what...
  8. Dk6661

    Practice routine tips?

    Does anyone have any practice routine tips that could motivate me to want to practice because im in a phase right now to where i havent touched my guitar in a while because im lost on trying to figure out what to practice i know there's great lessons on here but how would i go about memorizing...
  9. Dk6661


    Anyone have any avenged sevenfold song recommendations that i should learn because i want to learn one but the problem is im constantly jumping from song to song not being able to make up my mind on what i want to learn all the way through and i just wanna focus on one song at the moment at like...
  10. Dk6661

    At the point of giving up.

    The reason i want to give up is because i cant seem to focus on anything and im always rushing into things like expecting to master difficult songs right off the bat like (examples-scream, and bonus songs like dancing dead, crossroads, girl i know, and lost it all) and not taking baby steps and...
  11. Dk6661

    Trying to post

    I would post in the riff section but it wont let me everytime i tried it said it was too large to post but it was under 5 minutes i dont know if it happens to anyone else or is it just me not knowing what im doing but i would like to post something though cause i haven't done it yet is there a...
  12. Dk6661

    Advice on nigtmare and or shepherd of fire solo?

    This is my first post im very shy when it comes to communicating with others but i decided im gonna try to get over that, so heres my problem I pretty much have the entire song down on both of the songs except for the solos i cant seem to do the little chromatic run and the sweep before the trem...