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  1. gabi.amour

    Mr Bungle in The Stage - B Side

    Several fans have FILLED THE PATIENCE of the guys over the new album. 🫠 This insistence annoys me so much! Man, when this album is done, this shit is done! It just like that. Some are impatient and I honestly still haven't gotten over The Stage B side! 🤘😩✨ Seriously, how many times did you...
  2. gabi.amour

    Left handed and acoustic guitar

    I'm left-handed and I'm loving the app's alternative of flipping the screen mirror 🥹💖 By the way, did anyone here start lessons with an acoustic guitar? 🫠 Is it ok? ‘Cause for now, that's what I have! xx, G
  3. gabi.amour


    Hey, I'm new here! 🤏 I'm loving how short and simple the classes are, this has helped me a looot! Any Brazilians in the community?