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  1. SimonEichinger

    Comment by 'SimonEichinger' in media 'Afterlife solo cover'

    Haha! :D 1. Hard to answer, I've been working on sweep picking technique for years. The shapes used in this solo are pretty "normal" ones, so I didn't have to specifically work on this solo to improve my sweep picking, if that makes sense. 2. It's tough. Getting everything to sound smooth and...
  2. SimonEichinger

    Sing everything.

    This! Amazing for improv. Especially when playing over changes, as you said.
  3. SimonEichinger

    Pinch harmonics

    Have your thumb touch the string right after you picked it! Needs to be in a natural harmonic spot to work.
  4. Afterlife solo cover

    Afterlife solo cover

    Did my best to get it to sound as close to the studio recording as possible. As this solo still seems to be somewhat of an unsolved myth - ask me everything you want to know about it and I'll try my best to help you!
  5. SimonEichinger

    Two Students, One Song - Hector Trejo featuring Simon Eichinger

    Thanks for your kind words, Ed! As always. 😉😊
  6. SimonEichinger

    Synyster Gates master class solo 8 finger tapping section help

    Here's one by the great @Hector Trejo ;)
  7. SimonEichinger

    Sunny Disposition Solo 24th fret screeching effect

    That's definitely a bend. A tricky one. :LOL:
  8. SimonEichinger

    How to exercise after accident(s)

    PLEASE go slow. Listen to your body, don't rush - it's not gonna do anything good. I wish you a quick recovery! :)
  9. SimonEichinger

    Today it's my birthday!

    Happy birthday! :)
  10. Dream Theater - As I Am solo

    Dream Theater - As I Am solo

    Sooo, I just bought a used Axe FX II and I'm really liking it so far. I tried my best to replicate Petruccinator's 2003-ish tone! Axe FX users, feel free to give me some tips... :D And that's definitely the most ridiculous solo I know, if you really wanna put your alternate picking speed and...
  11. SimonEichinger

    Good inspiration video

    Thanks for posting this!
  12. SimonEichinger

    its my bday

    Happy birthday! :)
  13. SimonEichinger

    Comment by 'SimonEichinger' in media 'M.I.A. solo'

    Thanks a lot! :)
  14. SimonEichinger

    Show me your guitar babies

    Yes! My dad. :)
  15. SimonEichinger

    Show me your guitar babies

  16. M.I.A. solo

    M.I.A. solo

    Tried my best to get it 99% accurate... :) If you wanna improve as an overall musician, ditch tabs and try learning solos by ear. The best way to do this (imo) is to slow down the song on YouTube to 0.5 or even 0.25 speed! If you're lucky, you might also find an isolated guitar track! ;)
  17. SimonEichinger

    Difference Syn custom and Syn standard?

    If you're gonna buy one, definitely go for the Custom. Way better in every aspect! The Floyd Rose Special is the cheapest Floyd and... well, not that great. You'd be pretty disappointed.
  18. SimonEichinger

    What Ed did

    Oh my god - I agree with everything on your list. 😂 Alter Bridge is horribly underrated... so is Lady Gaga!