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  1. mericksonmusic

    Comment by 'mericksonmusic' in media 'My entry for Jared Dines Shred Collab'

    Thanks Jak!! You are too kind :)
  2. My entry for Jared Dines Shred Collab

    My entry for Jared Dines Shred Collab

    I wrote and learned this solo this week to submit for Jared Dines Shred collab. Unfortunately I was not chosen to be in the top 20, but I pushed my playing on this one. I would love my synner community to hear it and give feedback. Papa and Syn, hope you guys dig it too.
  3. mericksonmusic

    Anxiety while… choosing music?

    So this has been something on my mind for a long time. Lately I haven’t been able to truly expand my listening habits. I’m worried I’m “listening to the wrong thing” to get to be the best guitarist/musician I can be, so I default to albums I know and love but never find new music. It has led to...
  4. mericksonmusic

    Dealing with anxiety and lack of motivation

    I am in the same boat right now. I’m trying hard to push through it and trying to be more disciplined, as it is a stoic lesson that motivation is temporary, but discipline creates results. However, it is so much easier said than done. my hard part is that I want this so badly to be my source of...
  5. mericksonmusic


    Let’s fuggin go!
  6. mericksonmusic

    Can I buy you boys a beer?

    @Syn Gates you down since papa can’t?
  7. mericksonmusic

    Can I buy you boys a beer?

    Aww damn I forgot about that!
  8. mericksonmusic

    Picking arm and fretting thumb movement

    I am curious how you were able to get rid of the tension. I have been working on that for a while now and can’t seem to stop tending up. Any tricks?
  9. mericksonmusic

    Can I buy you boys a beer?

    Hey Syn and Papa Gates, I am in Huntington Beach for the next week and a half for NAMM and vacation, and I would love to talk guitar and music with you guys and buy you a beer or a shot of Ardbeg. If you have time, let me know. I’ll meet you at Johnnys! Forgive me if I’m overstepping, but you...
  10. mericksonmusic

    How to shred?

    There are some simple patterns within each scale shape that you can use to go faster on the fretboard, usually without much motion. One example would be taking three notes on one string then moving to the string above or below in a triplet pattern. More of a flashy trick, but sounds pretty cool...
  11. mericksonmusic

    Favourite guitarists ?

  12. mericksonmusic

    Favourite guitarists ?

    Syn Wes Montgomery Andy James Slash Jason Richardson Guthrie Govan Kurt Rosenwinkle Randy Rhoads Lately, George Harrison Aaron from Intervals Marty Friedman
  13. mericksonmusic

    Thank you!

    thank you all for all of this! With the new app and features, I’m excited to see what this brings!
  14. Sweep and Economy Exercise

    Sweep and Economy Exercise

    I wanted to share this lick I can up with yesterday! Mostly it is an arpeggio exercise in A minor for a ii-V-i but I added in a small economy picking part to work on switching picking patterns. Let me know if you would like more explanation! What do you think of it?
  15. mericksonmusic

    Comment by 'mericksonmusic' in media 'Scream Solo'

    Thank you 🤘🤘🤘
  16. mericksonmusic

    Comment by 'mericksonmusic' in media 'Scream Solo'

    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I will work on that!
  17. Scream Solo

    Scream Solo

    I’d love some feedback on this. I spent all day trying to nail this, but I want to improve. Notice anything?
  18. mericksonmusic

    What are you currently listening to?

    Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key Of Life. It is the best soulful collection. Stevie's voice is amazing in it and the grooves are infectious and the melodies are so strong!
  19. mericksonmusic

    2 days until we're live with Syn & Papa!

    Is there a link posted anywhere or will it appear at 1?
  20. mericksonmusic

    Legato I

    That makes sense! I have been trying to work on breathing while playing. I definitely am guilty that I forget to breathe because I am so focused on what I’m learning!