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  1. Learning Best Strum

    Learning Best Strum

    Learning how the best strum with the song, Zoombie by the cranberries and did enjoy cord switching. Wasted hours but fun. Chords are, Em, C, G and D. Feedback is always appreciated.
  2. Graduated Level 1 Basic Strum

    Graduated Level 1 Basic Strum

    I signed up to a NYC guitar school with a private tutor and unlimited online classes. They have level for each online class. Just past level 1 which was learning how to switch cords. I’m in level 2, learning strumming. Any feedback on my playing on my basic strumming is much appreciated...
  3. S

    Temporary alternatives while videos are down?

    Bump. Wanted to ask that as well.
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    Chris D, Hoping to be advance in 2 years, will see.... any advice for a noobs who started a few weeks.

    Hi, I'm Chris, I'm 28 and started playing the guitar the past few weeks (Acoustic and Electric). Recently finished grad school in cybersecurity and made a realization that college took a lot of years of my life. I also play a popular sport in NYC call handball, but my body is slowly catching up...