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  1. Pablo De Miguel

    Power chords and harmony context

    I remember reading on the syn´s tips section (I don´t remember in which lesson I saw that) that even the simpliest power chord can imply major or minor depending on the harmony contest. I think I understand it but to make shure I got it I am making this post. So lets supose we are in the key of...
  2. Pablo De Miguel

    Modes applied to pentatonic scales

    I remember seeing PG using a pentatonic phrygian scale and reading on the Syn´s tips that we should apply the modes to the pentatonic patterns(I don't remeber in which lessons I saw that exactly). In order to make a pentatonic scale we need to take off the fourth and seventh degrees of the major...
  3. Pablo De Miguel

    Melodic minor modes question

    When PG teach the secon mode of the melodic minor scale he call's it dorian b9, but, could this mode be called phrygian #6 aswell? If so, are the both names correct or its better to call it dorian b9 as PG call's it in the lesson??
  4. Pablo De Miguel

    Need help on scales

    Hi everyone :) I am preparing my self for an access test for a music career, I think that i'm almost ready to pass that test, but few days ago I looked for an example test on the music conservatory website to know the structure of the test. On the example test there's a scale identification...
  5. Pablo De Miguel

    Question about Melodic minor scale

    I found in an online course an explanation about the melodic minor scale, in these course the explanation says that to make a melodic minor scale you must raise the sixth and seventh degrees of the major scale a halftstef when ascending the scale and then flat again those two notes when...
  6. Pablo De Miguel

    Question about circle of 5ths lesson

    I watched the circle od 5ths lesson again and I saw something that confused me, the part when PG teach the orders of sharps and flats he included the E,F,C and B. The first time I watched the lesson I moved on to the next one without thinking about this, but this time I thought that these four...
  7. Pablo De Miguel

    What would you consider a medium level in music theory?

    This is my last highschool year and that means that the next year I must look for a college, academy or whatever to keep studing, what I want to do is study music in one of those institutions but to be acepted in one of those I must have a good practice level and a medium level on musical...
  8. Pablo De Miguel

    Lesson 72 questions(diminished scale lesson)

    In these lesson PG says that C,Eb,Gb and A diminished chord are, in esence, the same chords,so, does it means that the C diminished scale,for example, play over those four chords? PG also says that there are two diminished scales for the G chord, but, why are there two diminished scales for one...
  9. Pablo De Miguel

    Lesson 59(introduction to modes)

    So basically what I have undestood from this lesson is that in order to turn a C major scale in to a D minor scale(D dorian) i must have in mind that i must change the tonal centre from C major to D minor and that I must accent different notes depending on what mode I want to play, is that...
  10. Pablo De Miguel

    Question about CAB pack

    I´m thinking about buying one of those cab pack on the syn´s store, but i´m not shure about buying it because i don´t know exactly what are they, I gues that the cab pack allow me to modificate my guitar tone but, How does it works? and, can i use it on my line6 amp?
  11. Pablo De Miguel

    Question about lesson 56 (fifht position of the major scale)

    I have just watched this lesson and in the syn tips there is something about superimposing arpeggios or chords upon each other, what does it mean?
  12. Pablo De Miguel

    Question about lesson 51(Extended arpeggios in a single position)

    In this lesson PG uses 7th chords of the G family, but does the excersices of this leson work the same way with 6th chords, augmented chords etc…?
  13. Pablo De Miguel

    Question about chords families

    If I take, for example, the G major chord family(GM,Am,Bm,CM,DM,Em and F# dim) in order to know the E minor chord family i have to figure out the relative minors and major of the G major chord family?
  14. Pablo De Miguel

    Question about lesson 49 (building more complicated chords)

    In these lesson PG teachs some chord shapes where you can find the root note of that chord and the same note one octave highter, so you can modifie that note to alter the chord and he stars moving these note to lower notes to make a Maj7 chord, b7Chord etc… But he never rise that octave a half...
  15. Pablo De Miguel

    Question about circle of 5ths lesson

    When Papa Gates talks about blues changes he say somethig about 1-4-5 and i guess that he refers to three points of the wheel that are together but im not shure of that. He also say that we should practice blues in all 12 key to practice the circle of 5th but im not shure of how to apli the...
  16. Pablo De Miguel

    I have a problem whith the backing tracks.

    When i see any lesson or etude I can see the video perfectly,but when I turn in to the backing track or syntetic the sound disapeard. Anyone have the same problem or kown how to fix it??
  17. Pablo De Miguel

    Question about CAGED system

    In the lesson 30 papa gates teach how to change between diferent pentatonic scales(over the chords C,D and G) in the same position and in the Syn´s tips says that try to play it in diferent “general” poitions and he tell us to play the D chord in the “G” shape and the chord in the “C” shape...
  18. Pablo De Miguel

    Economy pick or alternative pick??

    I´ve seen in some places that is better to practice economy pick because you are practicing sweep picking and alternative picking at the same time, but i´ve seen in the lessons that Papa Gates start focusng on alternative picking and then he start teaching economy picking. What should I do...
  19. Pablo De Miguel

    One finger taping or two finger taping??

    Hello, I want to start practicing taping, but i don´t Know if it´s better to start directly from two finger taping or if I should master one finger taping and then start practicing two finger taping. What should I do??