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  1. Cedric L

    Floyd Rose Problem

    Every time I use my Floyd Rose, the guitar goes out of tune. Meanwhile I avoid using the bridge because I don't want the guitar to go out of tune during a song. Now I thought to myself, maybe one of the synners can help me. So, has anyone of you ever had this problem and how did you solve it...
  2. Cedric L

    You got the mail?

    I think you know what I mean. :sneaky: What do you think of it?
  3. Cedric L

    Do you see my videos in the riff section?

    Hey guys I got a problem. No matter how often I upload a video it won’t appear in the riff section. Can you see it? Am I maybe the only one who can not see it?
  4. Cedric L

    Will the comment section be back someday?

    I think this site needs back the comment section under videos. Without it we can’t give feedback to the other members. In my opinion this site had more life than this function still existed :c Will this function be back someday? Does anyone know?
  5. Cedric L

    Korean Spam Videos?!

    Soooooo, am I the only one who sees all these korean videos in the “community riffs” section?
  6. Cedric L

    Nylon or steel?

    I want to buy my first acoustic guitar and can’t decide which one is better. I was in a music store and tested both. For finger picking the nylon guitar was better (because of the strings and wider neck). But in almost every forum I read the people say that steel guitars are better for finger...
  7. Cedric L

    How to write own solos?

    How do you write your own solos? Do you create a melody in your head and then try to play it on guitar? Or do you use scales to find a good melody?