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  1. TheTroller

    Picking problem

    I prefer to pick near the neck (on top of the neck pickup), but whenever I alternate pick fast, my wrist scratches the three lowest strings, creating a muffled sound, where it sounds like I'm playing a muffled open chord while alternative picking at the same time. It feels more natural picking...
  2. TheTroller

    Thoughts on Jason Richardson's preference for sweeping?

    Instead of rolling his finger down consecutive strings, he successively touches each string with the tip of his finger.
  3. TheTroller

    Megadeth album now has a due date according to Mustaine

  4. TheTroller


    Where are images of tabs posted (if there is any category for such)?
  5. TheTroller


    I've heard of this 'program' (whatever it be referred to as) for around a few months now. It wasn't until recently that I discovered that it's free and I'm quite surprised, especially regarding the abundance of free content. I wish that I would have discovered this website earlier, as it seems...