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  1. Grandroid828

    My USA Custom shop Syn gates model finally arrived!

    Had one of the USA tobacco burst ones, amongst many other syn customs, and LOVED it, just not the finish. wasnt for me. worked for months with jason at drumcityguitarland to come up with this idea, basically its an over the top take on the original black / silver colorway. Let me know what...
  2. Grandroid828

    Restoring an UN-loved Syn Gates Custom (original model) and key model differences!

    Hey guys! I've owned and played some version(s) of Syn Gates Customs since about 09 or so. Quit playing guitar (got lazy and busy with life and business) for about the last 7 years. Quarantine seemed like an excellent opportunity to rekindle Recently, i got a great deal trading my black and...