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  1. Noah Berends

    Important PSA for All Tube Amp Lovers

    I did see that! Gonna absolutely support them if they can ramp it up
  2. Noah Berends

    Important PSA for All Tube Amp Lovers

    I'm heavily considering a Quad Cortex since they're gonna add integration with their Archetype VSTs and the ability to pull them to the unit. But, that's still a while out yet 'till I could get hands on one...
  3. Noah Berends

    Important PSA for All Tube Amp Lovers

    Things may hopefully look up sooner now...today EHX got word out that they'll be able to ship out of Russia, albeit delayed. Fingers crossed that goes for all...
  4. Noah Berends

    Important PSA for All Tube Amp Lovers

    For sure! It sucks because we didn't really have time to prepare...by the time the news really broke it was already past the cutoff. If anyone is looking for a very high-quality software solution for relatively little money, Neural DSP's Archetype programs are extremely good.
  5. Noah Berends

    Important PSA for All Tube Amp Lovers

    That's one way to go about it!
  6. Noah Berends

    Important PSA for All Tube Amp Lovers

    Hey everyone! As a lover of all things vacuum tube myself, I know a lot of people here will really benefit from this information as well, and since I deal with this daily as my job I thought it important to give everyone here a heads-up that will be extremely important. We all collectively...
  7. Noah Berends

    Battery on sun valley schreder

    Mine can last over a month if I’m not using it heavily. I recommend rechargeable batteries to save money in the long run. Unplugging the cable from the guitar while not playing is a necessity, because the battery will always be draining when plugged in.
  8. Noah Berends

    Bridge and Sustaniac pick-up height .

    You gotta be real careful with the Sustainiac height because small adjustments can make noteworthy effects on how it sounds. I encourage playing around with it if you're willing to find good character, but do so carefully. The average "good" height for a pickup is 5/64ths to 4/64ths of an inch...
  9. Noah Berends

    I want to buy the sun valley schreder

    I own several myself, and they’re extremely well built. They get a very high recommendation from me. The neck profiling is especially comfortable.
  10. Noah Berends

    Tips for transcribing that helped me

    If you want one of the best tempo alter/reprogram pitch programs out there, check out DeCoda by Zplane. Zplane is everywhere and you don't know it - for those who know, they design a ton of the DSP algos used by Universal Audio. Take a look - it's worth the small price.
  11. Noah Berends

    Strange sound when playing 2 notes

    Sounds like you're crossing notes that don't like being crossed and it's becoming dissonant.
  12. Noah Berends

    Picks shapes and sizes

    I've been all about the signature picks it seems lately haha. The Dunlop Andy James signature Flows have been my #1 for a good time now, and my #2 that I honestly like equally is Rabea Massaad's Flow. They're both matte (absolutely hate gloss picks) but the striking edge is polished so they flow...
  13. Noah Berends

    Background check

    Bat Country. Instant convert right then and there
  14. Noah Berends

    favorite gear

    I'm gonna go the same route as Alicia and highlight another hugely important tone piece! For me, it's the centerpiece of my tone besides the guitar - the Victory V4 Kraken Preamp (and soon to be Super Kraken head). I'm admittedly a sucker for tubes and having 4 of them in a drive/preamp pedal...
  15. Noah Berends

    Blocking a Floyd Rose

    If you want to maintain tuning stability and make it dive-only, Floyd makes a FRTL40 block. I’ve installed those when installing a D-Tuna, they’re not permanent and adjustable. Just be sure to crank the spring tension so it pulls back against that type of blocker and you’re golden.
  16. Noah Berends

    Shred Collab IV

    Two notes I mentioned to my buddy when I first saw that. • I'm VERY glad he included Scottie LePage. He loses the spotlight way too much to Tim Henson. • Whatever Schecter Miles Dimitri Baker was playing. I need one ASAP.
  17. Noah Berends

    Guitar Action

    As long as you make small adjustments at a time, the risk is pretty low.
  18. Noah Berends

    Guitar Action

    Yes, it’s best to make sure it’s parallel with the body. If you’re comfortable doing it yourself, what you’ll want to do with the bridge leaning back is loosen the springs in the back of the body. Turn the screws on the claw to loosen, and do it a half turn at a time, then retune to proper...
  19. Noah Berends

    Guitar Action

    Oohh I see, that sounds to me like the 21st fret is high or the 20th fret is low and that's what's happening. That's a bit more difficult to fix unfortunately; you *could* raise the action on that end to possibly remedy it, but that would adversely affect playability for everything else. Does it...
  20. Noah Berends

    Guitar Action

    Since they've got the Floyds, action adjustments have a few extra steps. Is the action too high before or past the 12th fret? You're gonna want to make small adjustments at a time, but be aware with a Floyd that you need to make the adjustments equally and together since it operates on a knife...