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  1. Eric Kane

    Papa Gates' Schecter Hellwin Amp AMA

    I'm sure Ed took care of it, but if not, you can PM me with your email address and I can get them to you.
  2. Eric Kane


    So I upgraded my phone, and when I transferred everything over, the Synner app will not load. It says it is unable to install the app because it is no longer available in the App store. And if I search for it in the App store, sure enough, nothing comes up. Anyone know what the deal is with that?
  3. Eric Kane

    Hi guys! I just made an Avenged Sevenfold song style called "Madness", it's only made for fun, pls let me know what you think!

    Please don’t title a video for a song you made “Avenged Sevenfold New Song 2022”. That is a total misrepresentation, and should not be done in my opinion. They didn’t have anything to do with it.
  4. Eric Kane

    SYN Custom S Sustaniac issue

    Are you leaving the guitar plugged in? If you leave it plugged in, the battery will die. Always turn the sustainiac off and unplug the cable from the guitar. If that’s not the issue, I’m not sure why it would be killing batteries so quickly. They last forever in mine. But I don’t use the...
  5. Eric Kane

    Starting gear?

    I started playing in college with a late 90s Squier Telecaster, a really small Danelectro combo amp, and a DOD Grunge pedal. I was kind of embarrassed by the amp at the time, but it actually didn't sound too bad, and I wish I would've kept it. That's the only piece of gear I've ever sold. I'm...
  6. Eric Kane

    is the hellwin ir extention .wav?

    Excellent! Thanks for the info. I wasn’t sure if they came with a universal format, or just the Fractal format. I’ll have to save up a little bit after splurging on the QC, but I’ll probably get the Syn cab packs. Thanks again!
  7. Eric Kane

    is the hellwin ir extention .wav?

    Ed, I have a newb question that you may or may not be able to answer. I just got a Neural DSP Quad Cortex, and it’s my first real adventure into the digital world (always been a real tube amp guy). I’m loving it so far, but I also don’t really have a full grasp on what I’m doing. Neural says...
  8. Eric Kane

    Guitar Synyster custom s issue

    They may have sprayed some contact cleaner in the switch or something while they were looking at it. I'm confident it was not the battery, and is switch related. It might be OK for a while but if the switch wasn't replaced, it will do it again eventually.
  9. Eric Kane

    Guitar Synyster custom s issue

    Yeah, it doesn't matter how new or old they are. My brand new limited edition $3400 or whatever Dark Night Syn guitar came with a junk switch that I had to replace immediately. Every time I buy a new Schecter, I buy a new Switchcraft switch to either install immediately, or have ready, because...
  10. Eric Kane

    Guitar Synyster custom s issue

    I'm very confident in saying your switch is probably bad. I have 5 Schecter guitars. 4 of them are Syn models, the other one is an E-1 FRS. I have replaced the switch in 3 of the 5. The switches they use are absolute junk. No problems anywhere else on the guitars - I love Schecters, but the...
  11. Eric Kane

    What are you currently listening to?

    It's real, but it's an old demo from around the time of the self-titled album, I believe.
  12. Eric Kane

    Mother has entered the chat

    Congrats! Was really wanting that one. But I’m not lucky…. I hear Hobo is still out there.
  13. Eric Kane

    What new (to you) artists did you discover this year?

    Dude, so glad to see somebody else actually knows about them. I have been pushing them for two years now, and still nobody knows! They are so good. Me and my daughter are going to see them (with meet and greet) in February.
  14. Eric Kane

    Where can i buy the hellwin amp/cabinet

    If you absolutely must have a Hellwin, and you can afford it, you will have search Reverb, eBay, Guitar Center used, etc., all the time. Save your search on Reverb, and that way you’ll at least get an email if one comes up for sale. You’ll have to be extremely diligent, as lots of people are...
  15. Eric Kane

    What new (to you) artists did you discover this year?

    Not new to me - I “Columbused” them a few years ago, but everyone needs to go check out The Warning. Check out “Disciple”, “Animosity”, “Choke”, and “Evolve”. Those are the new ones. Their older stuff is great too. You’re welcome!
  16. Eric Kane

    The Album of the year

    Mastodon is definitely my favorite of the year so far. Hushed & Grim is fantastic. I've had time to really digest all of it, and I also saw them live in Nashville last week (so good - much better than I expected them to be live), and they played a lot of the new stuff. I still currently like...
  17. Eric Kane

    Which limited edition guitar should i get

    Can't really see those pictures too well, but that red and black one looks like a knock-off. Pick-ups look wacky and the inlay at the 12th fret should be the deathbat. Also, whammy bar should be black. Neck looks unfinished on the back. And the switch is in the wrong place! The more I look...
  18. Eric Kane

    SYN-C - GOLDEN GODDESS - fake? damaged?

    I have one of the Golden Goddess guitars that I got from the shop here. Yours looks identical to mine, so I would guess that it's legitimate. Maybe not the cleanest one off the line as far as the binding, but nothing really stands out as looking fake in the pictures. Like the others said...
  19. Eric Kane

    The Album of the year

    No Mastodon? That can't be right! I haven't heard the whole album yet, but I'm guessing it's top choice for me.