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  1. The Raven

    Techniques that resulted in instant improvement for you?

    I've recently began to try a bunch of exercises to improve my technique, rhythm, and speed. Once thing I've noticed is a LOT of players I look up to, when playing fast solo's, anchor their pinky on the bottom left corner of the bridge pickup. So I began doing my daily exercises trying this...
  2. The Raven

    Learning piano to help with guitar?

    Thank you for your advice. I'll definitely follow it.
  3. The Raven

    Learning piano to help with guitar?

    So I've been in a rut with guitar for the past year or so and I feel a big reason for it is my lack of understanding of music theory. As a result, I decided I want to attempt to learn more music theory and pick up another instrument. I chose the piano because it has always interested me. The...
  4. The Raven

    First song you learned

    Funnily enough the first song I tried to learn was also The Animal I Have Become. The first song I learned in full was Like a Stone by Audioslave. Still one of my favorites to play.
  5. The Raven

    Question on soloing

    Hey guys. So I've been trying to better my soloing lately with a lot of Metallica songs. But what keeps throwing me off is technique wise, how do you skip between 2 strings rapidly? For example here I took the tabs I'm referencing for "Wherever I may roam". The highlighted portion. (about 4:50...
  6. The Raven

    Inexspensive guitars options

    Could get a decent schecter off the used markets. I picked up a Schecter Gryphon with upgraded pickups and a hardcase for $150 and its one of my favorite guitars still.
  7. The Raven

    Double jointed pinky finger?

    So I've been working hard with a friend and practicing together with him to get both of us better at playing and up to speed. But we both have made a discovery. We are both double jointed in our pinky finger. We've been noticing our pinky will lock up a lot and refuse to move, or if it does it...
  8. The Raven

    Accurate guitar tabs

    Tabs used as a reference to make sure your not messing up is a good thing. Using a tab purely to learn a song is bad.
  9. The Raven

    Accurate guitar tabs

    Hey everyone! Thanks for your responses and requests. So a lot of these I'm seeing will be hard because I only have a couple of points to reference but I'll 100% give each one a shot. These requests will take a few weeks to get to though because my work hours changed and I have less time than I...
  10. The Raven

    Accurate guitar tabs

    Will try. It might be harder though because I cross-reference with music videos, already existing tabs, and live performances as well as official tab books and you just don't have all that with Papa. I will try and let you know though. (y)
  11. The Raven

    Accurate guitar tabs

    Hey guys! Raven here. So lately I've been working on compiling accurate guitar tabs from the thousands of renditions out there and am currently uploading them to Songsterr.com. If you guys want a song feel free to drop me the name. It will take time but I'll see if I can get an accurate tab to...
  12. The Raven

    What songs/artist did you look into playing expecting it to be impossible/hard, yet turned out easy?

    Odd phrasing so I'll explain more here. What band/song did you go into expecting it to be impossibly hard and above your skillset just to be surprised that it's something you were able to play? For me, it turned out to be a lot of Sammy Hagar. I love Sammy and went into some of his songs...
  13. The Raven

    Salut! The Raven here.

    As hilarious as that picture is I don't. Only go to a single guitar tech and buy most my gear secondhand so no need for that 😋
  14. The Raven

    Theory/songwriting lessons poll

    Oh well. Was hoping for some Pantera but you can't always get what you want.
  15. The Raven

    How long to practice?

    I try to put in at least 1 solid hour of practice per day. Though normally if I'm feeling up to it and my fingers aren't bleeding yet I'll try for 2.
  16. The Raven

    Salut! The Raven here.

    Hi everyone! I just got back on the forum since the remodel and decided I should follow procedure. My name is Alexander. Though I go by my stage name "Raven" or "The Raven" more often than not. I'm an intermediate guitarist who's about 2 years into self-teaching myself guitar. Huge fan of 90's...
  17. The Raven

    Help me pick a guitar!!!

    If you want strat body with thinner neck a good starting brand would be Ibanez. They have really thin necks on their metal guitars but play beautifully
  18. The Raven

    Whats your favorite pick?

    So I’ve noticed all my guitar playing friends all use different picks. Different sized picks. Different shapes. So I wanted to ask the community. What’s your guy’s favorite guitar pick? Mine is the Dunlop Gator Grip 2mm. Love the thickness and feeling.
  19. The Raven

    Beginner song requests for a future endeavor

    One of my favorite songs I started out with was “Blue Magic” By Kelly Hogan. Nice and easy with only a few beginner chords in it. Otherwise another one of my favorites is “Like A Stone” by Audioslave.
  20. The Raven

    Whats the weirdest advice you got that worked?

    Honestly, Syn that is some great advice! I absolutely suck at playing by ear so I might have to give that a try. That’s some good advice, Andrew. I’ve done that in the past and it’s helped a fair bit. Once you can play it decently at 1.5x speed you should be able to nearly nail it at 1x speed.