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  1. Strange World - Iron Maiden first solo

    Strange World - Iron Maiden first solo

    I love this goddamn song hope you guys like it :)
  2. Syn Etudes Sweep Picking II example 3

    Syn Etudes Sweep Picking II example 3

    Christopher Chavez shared a post on Instagram: “I hope everyone is having a good day. Here is a video of me practicing” • Follow their account to see 272 posts.
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    Left hand and Right hand problems

    Man, I don't know how or why, but I can never get Alternate Picking I up to speed while I can actually do Alternate Picking II perfectly fine at top speed. I don't get it. I guess my left hand doesn't really move that fast in accordance with my right hand when I'm doing a 3 sixteenth notes per...
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    Pentatonic X

    Do I hear a little bit of "Poison Was The Cure" by Megadeth in there?? I think I do!
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    Where to keep picks

    Hey guys, this is just a random question but what does Syn use to keep spare picks on top of his guitar? look at the top of his guitar right above where his picking hand is. Also, I know he switched over to .73’s but I’m not sure what specific ones they are. Thanks!
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    Syn Gates custom shop guitars

    I just really want to see the white and black one and black and red one come back with updated specs
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    Really bummed out =/

    Thank you to all who responded with positivity. Me and the drummer are still trying to work something out, but it will all be postponed until we can find other people who are serious and play songs made by people other than slayer (that gets boring really fast). In the mean time, I will continue...
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    Really bummed out =/

    Short summary at the end, please read it, thank you! =) I hope this doesn’t turn out to be too long but I just feel pretty bumed out about this and I didn’t know where to express this but I’m putting it here since this is a pretty cool forum and I think maybe someone could possibly relate as...
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    Paradise Lyrics?

    Anyone got the lyrics to Syn’s song for St Owen? Here’s the song for those who don’t know what I am talking about
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    What are you currently listening to?

    Avenged, Bungle, Ghost, BLS, flamenco artists… soundtracks and scores… yeah not much. I’ve gotten pretty bored of metal because I’ve listened to it so much, so I’m out giving new styles of music a try. So far I’m loving whatever pops up on shuffle, haha.
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    Let's get to know each other!

    Hi. =). 14 and I’ve been playing for about a year and a half. Know nothing about theory but I’m not horrible lmao. Got a Jackson JS32RM and Fender Mustang III V2. Know a fair amount of bands and I appreciate all different kinds of music.
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    Favorite guitarists – besides Syn Gates and Papa Gates

    Chuck Schuldiner (Death), amazing guy. Muddy Waters, Django Reinhardt, John Five, Dime (Pantera) , Ritchie Blackmore (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Jeff Hanneman (Slayer), Ace Frehley (Kiss, Solo Work), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Devin Townsend (Worked with Vai, The Devin Townsend Project, The Devin...