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  1. Aaron Aldous

    Sing everything.

    Feeling like you want to write something? Sing it. Transcribe a part? Sing it. Learn a scale/arpeggio/interval? Sing it. Play over changes? Sing over changes. Improve your connection between your inner ear and fingers? Sing everything you play, and play everything you see. I’m yet to find a...
  2. Aaron Aldous

    Need Help Finding A Melody I Heard In A Dream

    Sing the melody and record it so you’ve got a reference! This will ensure you’ve got it saved because as musicians, we’re really notorious for saying “ah, I’ll remember it later” and then bang! It’s gone! Creatively speaking, this also gives you the chance to start branching off and making it...
  3. Aaron Aldous

    Hand synchronisation

    Lots of great practice techniques mentioned above! Practicing Hand synchronisation can also be treated in the same manner that pianists (especially in their beginning stages) treat practice: Separate the hands. For us as guitarists, this means lots of legato, and lots of muted picking (wrap your...
  4. Aaron Aldous

    Comment by 'Aaron Aldous' in media 'Natural Born Killer'

    This is awesome! 🤘
  5. Aaron Aldous

    Hellwin Amp

    Speaking from personal experience, I’ve got a Hellwin head sitting in storage at the moment awaiting repair (the processor that controls channel switching, and midi integration fried and I’ve been unable to get a replacement from Schecter, at least last time I checked around a year ago). I might...
  6. Aaron Aldous

    help with fingers stretch

    Often with fretting hand injuries/issues such as tendon based tension and overexertion , a primary cause can be overspending on the fingers to manage fretting, stretching/squeezing (less than one finger per fret, an Am shape is a good example of this particular hand position) and position...
  7. Aaron Aldous

    Messages 💁‍♂️

    Hey Jak, there’s a screenshot in your IG inbox, thanks for looking into it for us :)
  8. Aaron Aldous

    Messages 💁‍♂️

    Awesome, cheers guys 👌
  9. Aaron Aldous

    Messages 💁‍♂️

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could shed some light on the messages tab of my profile. It says on the tab under my username that I've got 13 messages but if I click the mailbox icon, it states that I have 0 conversations. Are messages and conversations two different site communication...
  10. Aaron Aldous

    New School Launches!

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it did! Now that I’ve freed some time up, I’ll be stopping by more often! 🤘
  11. Aaron Aldous

    Advice to improve a lot

    Hi Marlyn! In my experience, Transcription and emulation of your idols is by far the quickest, yet toughest method to drastically improve because it challenges all areas of your musical ability (music theory, aural dexterity, technical ability, and stylistic awareness – there’s definitely many...
  12. Aaron Aldous

    You Guys! I Am So Excited! My New Picking Technique Is Working!

    That was badass. The core tone is much clearer, and the timing + groove is solid. Well done 🙂
  13. Aaron Aldous


    I’d say different picks are useful for different applications/stylistic requirements/tonal preferences. Speed can be a factor when choosing a pick, although once you’re Paul Gilbert, it doesn’t really matter, a .53 will do just fine. I find the biggest differences aside from thickness, is the...
  14. Aaron Aldous

    Technical difficulties.

    Also, before I forget, I’ll leave a my IG here do you guys can contact me (don’t worry about following and all that jazz, there’s nothing really on there – avoiding the shameless plug 😎) @aaronaldous
  15. Aaron Aldous

    Technical difficulties.

    Hey everyone, one thing that I’ve noticed about the community forums is the volume of requests and comments that revolve around the subject of guitar technique, the facilitation of certain sounds that fall under specific technique categories (Alternate picking, sweep picking, bending, vibrato)...
  16. Aaron Aldous

    Would you welcome a music theory series?

    I’d be well up for contributing 🤘
  17. Aaron Aldous

    I'm done with lead playing

    I can help with all of the above. I’m at work right now, but I’ll send an inbox when I can of my skype details – free lesson, as long as you need to get the results up. If the tips work, I’ll upload a video for everyone. Don’t give up, it’s a matter of targeted practice, with the right knowledge...
  18. Aaron Aldous

    Lost feeling when playing old riffs

    Awesome suggestion from Sayonil above, I know what I’m doing with my afternoon 🤘 Those techniques can also breathe life into a riff that’s relatively recent 🙂 It’s also worth noting that our tastes evolve and our writing styles develop which can feel like our older material sometimes doesn’t...
  19. Aaron Aldous

    My Fingertips ALWAYS Hurt. What's Wrong?

    Awesome (no pun intended) tips here guys, I’ll keep an eye on mine since I’m guilty of turning the water temp up from time to time haha. Alongside the aforementioned advice, here’s a suggestion that could benefit anyone with issues regarding their calluses: Years ago, I picked up on a tip from...
  20. Aaron Aldous

    Why can't I play basic things fast (why do I suck at guitar)

    Ah mate, I can relate to how frustrating this is. The good news is that whilst there are players that can naturally play at high tempos with seemingly little effort, speed is a technical achievement that can be achieved by absolutely anyone. The rub is that speed is a by-product of a multitude...