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  1. TreSavedge

    New Megadeth Album

    I think it goes without saying "Mission to Mars" will be heavily talked about and meme'd... And yes it does give me the same vibes "Exist" from "The Stage" did. Actually it gives me the same vibes as that whole album.
  2. TreSavedge

    CoE, White Album, and Nightmare have no filler. Prove me wrong.

    Aight so after listening to the new Megadeth album it dawned on me that how much filler on an album determines how iconic the album is. 'Appetite for Destruction' and 'Rust in Peace' are GOAT tier because they have zero to few filler tracks. Megadeth has ok albums, good albums, and iconic...
  3. TreSavedge

    New Megadeth Album

    After 2 full plays and a 4-5 picky-choosey listens after that, I still think Killing Time, Celebutante and title track are what I'm digging. I really like the old school warmer tones this time around. Something about Kiko's phrasing, you can pick out almost every note of the runs no matter how...
  4. TreSavedge

    New Megadeth Album

    So, just finished the new Deth that just dropped, phew! My brain is on fire. It's heavy as in deep. It's one of those albums I can tell will grow on you with multiple listens, which I look forward to. There's so much to take in I hesitated to even post this originally and had to wait for my...
  5. TreSavedge

    New Megadeth (and Kiko work) dropped this morning!

    Funny how the song is called “We’ll Be Back”, Dave says “I’ll be back“ in the chorus and Megadeth already did a song for Arnold on Last Action Hero soundtrack in early 90s.
  6. Avenged Sevenfold: Victim Solo #2 - Guitar Cover

    Avenged Sevenfold: Victim Solo #2 - Guitar Cover

    Re-visting this one.
  7. TreSavedge

    If you could play one full album on guitar, which one would it be?

    Rust in Peace (I think I can play Countdown to Extinction, my #2, or at least could & just need to work it all up again)
  8. TreSavedge

    Wow this is the perfect Hard Rock song!!!

    The Canadian trio that has Rush elements, but isn't Rush. I've always liked this song since I heard it as a child. But revisiting it over the years, just so much pops out to me. It has awesome melodic phrases vocally and instrumentally, vocal harmonies, a driving beat, perfect entonation, stage...
  9. TreSavedge

    Fav Syn solo?

    'Heretic' without hesitation. (My 2022 mission is to learn it btw) The 'Victim' solos are a very close 2nd. Those two would be my fav heavy and power ballad solos respectively. (Which is ironic because I listen to CoE and White Album the most) I gotta mention Save Me, Fermi Paradox, and M.I.A...
  10. TreSavedge

    Comment by 'TreSavedge' in media 'avenged sevenfold-nightmare (solo cover)'

    That's Rad! You picked it all and everything
  11. TreSavedge

    Obligatory "Lets Talk About the New Ghost Album" Thread

    Absolutely! There's the never ending debate it seems between Ghost fans on what's the better Ghost sound, the subtle softer ambient stuff from Infestisimum or the later heavier stuff. But I agree it's more complicated than that. I feel like 5 albums in they are actually going through an...
  12. TreSavedge

    Does the perfect album exist ?

    Rust in Peace IS PERFECTION! But it's also too genre specific... This is the moment where the guy who wasn't invited to the Royal Rumble, Billy, comes out with a chair or baseball bat and takes the belt for himself at the end after everyone else is spent. After Dave, David, Nick, and Marty are...
  13. TreSavedge

    Does the perfect album exist ?

    Appetite is the perfect album Rust in Peace a few years later: hold my beer!!!! To be continued...
  14. TreSavedge

    Does the perfect album exist ?

    I haven't heard the podcast you speak of in a long time and don't remember anything from it, but I would cut my fretting hand off if I lost a bet that those 3 guys didn't talk about Appetite. Yes who are we all kidding? End of the day the only answer is Appetite. It's blues, it's the basis of...
  15. TreSavedge

    Does the perfect album exist ?

    Lots of different ways to answer this. The boring and true answer is 'No'. Humanity is imperfect in essence and music is subjective. But that's no fun right? So after brainstorming some ideas to your great question and reading all the answers I started to think of all my 'S tier' fav albums...
  16. TreSavedge

    Obligatory "Lets Talk About the New Ghost Album" Thread

    Ok, so I thought that thing was lit. Meliora is my nostalgia album and our personal gateway albums tend to be hard to eclipse for nostalgia factor. (CoE, Rust in Peace, Appetite, Tragic Kingdom, Blue Album, Songs in the Key of Life etc for me) But dayum if I don't think that this could be their...
  17. TreSavedge

    BATMAN by Danny Elfman

    I know this is an old thread but it's wild how connected everyone is musically because anytime I ponder something there's a chance it's already been talked about on here in a related topic. Just wanted to add it's so dope that the Danny Elfman Batman theme was the song Tonya Harding chose to...
  18. TreSavedge

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    Isn't it wild how everyone in this thread puts GNR in their top 5 and we all ended up on the same forum enjoying the same songs? Makes me in awe of the power of the language of music. There's a reason we are all here and we're all trying to speak that same language. Thanks for this school and...
  19. TreSavedge

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    I might be in the minority because I’ve heard shade tossed over this song on more than one occasion (still don’t know why) but I forgot to add: Live and Let Die. Great cover of the Wings song from the 1st Roger Moore Bond movie with the ragtime interlude. Impossible to cover live and sound like...
  20. TreSavedge

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    Estranged, 14 Years, Dust and Bones, I’ll take the original Don’t Cry, and Civil War. I always have had my top 4: Stevie Wonder, GNR, Megadeth, and Avenged. But after Stevie it’s basically a tie or ordered depending on the day. Easter egg I remember from the ‘Don’t Cry’ video. They were banned...