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  1. Syn Gates

    Thank you❤️

    Hope you’re ok!
  2. Syn Gates

    Thank you❤️

    :synner:Yo Family! I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for everyone that showed up today. I had such an amazing time kicking things off with Papa Gates and our lovely host and dear friend, Radu. I can’t wait to do more of these. We didn’t even scratch the surface of what we have in...
  3. Syn Gates

    JEEN-YUHS A Kanye Trilogy

    I appreciate that! Hip hop has influenced us since the beginning and then very strongly since self titled. Our new record does not sound like a hip hop or rap rock record. We use Kanye’s influence for dynamic, texture, and how wildly imaginative and different every song is. We r the same band...
  4. Syn Gates

    JEEN-YUHS A Kanye Trilogy

    :syngates:Yo family! This months AOTM is a full on departure from the norm but not so much in heart because it is an extension of our last AOTM, My Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West. Jeen-Yuhs is a 3 part Netflix docuseries following the life and career of Kanye. It is a candid look into the...
  5. Syn Gates


    :syngates:Yo Family! This months #AOTM is very special to me because I believe that you will learn so much from this album. MBDTF by the eccentric Kanye West is a clinic on songwriting, arrangement, dynamic, the eclectic, performance, and mixing. I don’t expect all of you to be thrilled about...
  6. Syn Gates

    Hello all!

    Welcome my brother! Ton of people here who can help, just gotta ask all the dumb questions and often. I’ve been doin it for years, true story🥂
  7. Syn Gates

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    I have, it’s an unofficial breakup doc imo.
  8. Syn Gates

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    Incredible! Thanks for the depth and honesty!
  9. Syn Gates

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    To quote the late great John Lennon- “Real artists don’t borrow, they steal”
  10. Syn Gates

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    One of the greatest covers of one of the greatest songs ever written. Incredible
  11. Syn Gates

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    Damn, great dialogue Truth! Ya, I love the fat. Can’t imagine it without it. Blasphemy would be to say that I could do without the fat on The Beatles White Album😳 and I would say that. But not with this one. Slash always referred to Illusions as their White Album. It is, only better😵
  12. Syn Gates

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    Agree wholeheartedly 🥂
  13. Syn Gates

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    Hahaha exactly!! That line is so necessary! Civil War is a masterpiece and I forgot to add in the covers. Fucking brilliant
  14. Syn Gates

    USE YOUR ILLUSION I & II by Guns n Roses

    :syngates:Yo Family! This month’s(and the last) #AOTM(s) is the iconic double album Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 by my favorite rock n roll band of all time, Guns n Fuckin Roses. The depth of songs like November Rain, Estranged, and Coma make this such a unique and deep rock record. The video for...
  15. Syn Gates

    Comment by 'Syn Gates' in media 'The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Guitar Solo)'

    Jesus that’s insane!!🦾🔥
  16. Syn Gates

    Comment by 'Syn Gates' in media 'Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King - Guitar Solo Cover'

    Damn close! Thx for sharing. @TheRedMageGuitarist knows this one in n out if u wanna ask her for a little help. You’re so close, nicely done!!
  17. Syn Gates

    Hello! I signed up last week.

    Welcome Lizzie! I’m so excited to have you here, our family is an amazing unit of extremely diverse individuals that have so much to offer each other. I hope to learn a little violin from you as well if you ever feel like posting anything in the “media” section. No pressure of course, this place...
  18. Syn Gates

    Hello I am a new member

    Welcome Saphyra, thanks for introducing yourself! I hope that you will ask a ton of questions here, our family is devoted to helping one another accomplish their goals❤️
  19. Syn Gates

    Introducing myself

    🤣🤣🤣 that name is remarkable! Welcome Hector🦾