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  1. Ian _Invader

    Something I wanted to share with everyone :)

    Best post I've seen in so long. Absolutely beautiful points made :) Glad you are back at it :)
  2. Ian _Invader

    Hello! My name is Sam!

    Hey man welcome!!
  3. Ian _Invader

    Synyster Gates Custom S golden goddess

    Awesome guitar for an awesome guy!
  4. Ian _Invader


    Very much good :)
  5. Ian _Invader

    How would pick this?

    Hey man. Shape it as a chord and then alternate pick it. Make it a challenge. : )
  6. Ian _Invader

    Is this Original Synyster Schecter?

    Hello! It appears to be a 2015 model with Two humbuckers and a 24th fret inlay. I have the Custom S modal from 2015 and this matches it perfectly. It is definitely real and not a knock off. It's just the version without the sustaniac.
  7. Ian _Invader

    How to train little finger?

    Just use your pinky individually and practice along with backing tracks using only your pinky. It will take time but not too long. Then work on integration.
  8. Ian _Invader

    Techniques that resulted in instant improvement for you?

    Practice with heavy strings. No argument. They force your fingers to get stronger and pick more accurately. They are easier to sweep and do legato on as there is very little slinkyness. 10-52 is a great place to start.
  9. Ian _Invader

    🎆 First spotlight student of 2023 🎆

    Thank you so much!! This is such an unexpected surprise and something that really brightened my day! I am very thankful for this family and Syn, Papa G and the rest of the wonderful members on here for how much inspiration they have all had on my learning and perception of music. I can't name...
  10. Ian _Invader

    Break-up(sorry, nothing about guitars)

    Dude, This is a family. Everything you share is very important. I'm sorry man.
  11. Ian _Invader

    Unholy confessions

    Yes. Just slow the song down and put headphones on. Find Isolated tracks on YouTube and LISTEN to them till you are sick of it. Then you play along with it. Go slow and don't worry about tempo till you get the fingering down. : ) this will help you.
  12. Ian _Invader

    New here! & Afterlife Solo Cover

    Welcome home man!
  13. Ian _Invader

    Guitar Guitar tone

    Mids 9 / Treble 8 / Bass 6. Try using a Boss CS-3 compression pedal also. :)
  14. Ian _Invader

    Happy New Year! Check up.

    Hey Everyone! Happy New Year! Recently, I've noticed a bit of decline from some of the members on here and it's a bit of a downer. That being said how is everyone doing? How has everyone's musical journey changed this year? What has everyone been listening to recently and how has it effected...
  15. Ian _Invader

    Guitar If you could give just 1 pro tip regarding guitar/practicing, what would it be?

    Stretching your hands and keeping them warm. It is VERY difficult to get gains and play fast in the winter.
  16. Ian _Invader

    Guitar My new 1/1 redemption Syn Custom

    How did you get Syn to give you that???
  17. Ian _Invader

    Schecter Syn Custom NT

    That's the model from the Making the Self Titled album. You can also see it (Or an Alt model hard tale) In the Burn Halo - Dirty Little Girl music video during his solo. If I remember correctly He uses this exact model in the beginning of the Making of Hail To The King video. But otherwise that...
  18. Ian _Invader


    Remember to stretch thoroughly before your gig. Drink lots of caffeine and energy drinks prior to the gig to get the jitters out. Also, treat the gig like a big practice session and be extroverted to not worry about mistakes : ) Good luck and Merry Christmas : )
  19. Ian _Invader


    10-52 is the way to go. It is the best for being able to bend but also they are not very floppy allowing you to solo with scales and sweeping very easily. Hope this helps : )