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  1. anttofm

    Trying to work out the intro to a song, kinda lost

    I think this is *possible* it probably just takes some dedication to get right, so if all else fails, I'll just slow it way down and try again tomorrow
  2. anttofm

    Trying to work out the intro to a song, kinda lost

    Hey, sorry to double post in the same week. There's a song I'm trying to transcribe on guitar and I'm totally lost on how the guitarist is able to play the intro so quickly. Here's the song for reference and there's no tabs online, so I'm trying to play it by ear. Is he utilizing finger rolls...
  3. anttofm

    Drop Tuning Thumb Placement

    So, I've looked at tons of videos and I can't seem to find any information on this, it may be something that other players assume should be general knowledge, so here we go: What is the correct thumb placement for playing drop chords on the first three frets that will minimize tension for...
  4. anttofm

    Barre chords for 7 string guitar?

    The cruel irony is that the minute that I posted this, I figured it out. Thanks for the help!
  5. anttofm

    Barre chords for 7 string guitar?

    Pretty much as the question is asked. I've gotten my E shape barre chord down with no problem on a standard 6 string. But I normally play and practice on my 7 string (tuned to Drop A so I have E standard on the top 6 strings). How do I properly do a barre chord? Do I fret across the 6 and mute...
  6. anttofm

    Temporary alternatives while videos are down?

    Until the site is back up (this isn't advertising, I hope-), I've been trying to catch finish the music theory and Beginner Grade 3 lessons over on JustinGuitar's site. I think it's a good idea to learn information from multiple teachers since no two people play the exact same way.
  7. anttofm

    Playing guitar recently

    I'd say I'm playing it the second way. I might be making it a bit more difficult on myself because I'm playing using a 7 string in Drop A (meaning that the top 6 strings are in standard), so I might have to work a bit harder to play the A power chord in open position... but I'll try that...
  8. anttofm

    Playing guitar recently

    I've been playing guitar for a while, and I've only started with power chords back in March of this year. I've been loving playing along with songs that I like for the past 2 weeks (I've mostly focused on practicing certain techniques without playing, so I'm implementing more playing time now)...
  9. anttofm

    Coming here from JustinGuitar

    Hi, I'm new here. My name is Antto, and I started playing guitar around February of 2021. I was nearly finished with JustinGuitar's beginner course grade 3 (last one), but he's still in the middle of uploading videos for the modules which I don't see being done until around the beginning of next...