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  1. hades

    Techniques that resulted in instant improvement for you?

    I'm not good by any means so take this with a grain of salt, but I used to do that for awhile and felt like it really helped me get an understanding of where strings are because of memory, however, it really limited my movement. Anchoring the pinky made some playing feel odd, so I've tried to...
  2. hades

    My strings sound like crap

    Is the buzz noticeable through the amp? Also have you checked action height? You might need to bring it up a little bit to accommodate size.
  3. hades

    Just joined and beginning to play the guitar.

    Welcome! I'm rather new myself and the content here has been great, you will really like it! Also awesome guitar man, love that blue. Looks great.
  4. hades

    Difficulty with fretting consistency

    Thank you for the advice! I already do the 4 finger exercise but I haven’t tried skipping strings yet. I walk it up and down and even do a staircase shape up and down. I’ll try adding string skipping into it too
  5. hades

    Difficulty with fretting consistency

    Hi all, I’ve noticed during practicing that sometimes my fretting is not very consistent. I’m rather new, but it is something I’d like to work on. Ironically I can pick rather accurately without looking even using alternate picking, etc but my left hand isn’t as coordinated. For the most part it...
  6. hades

    Sorry to do this here - but how can I cancel?

    Are you speaking about cancelling your Legend subscription? There should be an option to cancel on the Account Upgrades section in your settings: https://synner.com/account/upgrades/
  7. hades

    Hello Everyone

    I appreciate that man. Learning guitar has been something I’ve wanted to do for a longgg time, and I’m glad I finally am. I remember being back in grade school and drooling over the Syn Custom. Needless to say nothing has changed lol. Also a shot a day keeps the doctor away, I’m pretty sure...
  8. hades

    I saw that on Johnny Christ's youtube yesterday. That was super rad, kid held himself together...

    I saw that on Johnny Christ's youtube yesterday. That was super rad, kid held himself together much much better than I would have!
  9. hades

    Hello Everyone

    I appreciate it!! @Radu-Cristian Perde That is really cool to know! I've just always enjoyed the song a ton, probably in my top 5 songs. It has some decent speed to it with some string skipping and alternate picking so it's been pretty helpful. Plus it sounds awesome. As far as FWTBT goes I...
  10. hades

    What are you currently listening to?

    One of the hottest releases of 2021
  11. hades

    Hello Everyone

    Hi all! I'd like to introduce myself as I've been rather active albeit not posting much because I don't have much to offer at the moment. I generally go by my nickname Erv, which is what you can call me if ya want. I'm 27 and I've been playing guitar for about 3 whole weeks now, and I gotta...
  12. hades

    Background check

    Seize The Day - I used to watch music videos on the Rock on Demand channel and watched the music video for it when it came out. Been hooked ever since.
  13. hades

    Switching between chords

    I am very new myself, and suck pretty bad at changing chords but something that has helped make a noticeable difference is using a metronome. I started out at 60 bpm and strummed 4 quarter notes for 1 chord then switched. Then when I was comfortable I switched to 2 quarter notes for each chord...