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  1. Shumu

    blues master class

    Cheers, thank you for the info, highly appreciated!
  2. Shumu

    Overview - Lesson 1

    I understand, thank you for the clear reply, I appreciate it!
  3. Shumu

    Overview - Lesson 1

    Cheers, everyone! Is it just on my pc or are the "Blues Master Class" videos not working?
  4. Shumu

    Extended Arpeggios 2 - Lesson 114

    Awesome lesson! I can't believe I haven't thought of arpeggios in this way before (mega face palm). Thank you, sir! This will keep me busy for such a long amount of time
  5. Shumu

    The Minor 9 Arpeggio - Lesson 110

    Beautiful, just beautiful sounding
  6. Shumu

    The Major 7 Arpeggio - Lesson 107

    I remembered that I have a diagram enclosing the notes of the G major arpeggio. I've encountered this idea before but for some reason haven't paid attention to it. Hopefully this will be of some help for someone. Cheers!
  7. Shumu

    The Major 7 Arpeggio - Lesson 107

    Thank you, Papa Gates! Also, the description of the lesson is pure gold. I've heard Syn mention "enclosure" in the masterclass in which he plays jazz manouche, but didn't get the concept. The description here is all that's needed. And there's so much to be gained from this approach. For...
  8. Shumu

    Overview of the Melodic Minor Scale - Lesson 103

    I'm just blown away by how awesome this lesson is. And to top it all off, at the 6:15 mark Papa Gates plays a classic chord progression that's explained in a very insightful dvd on Django's style done by Paul Mehling. I was not ready for that :D
  9. Shumu

    The Phrygian Dominant Scale - Lesson 102

    This was one of the best things I've ever learned regarding music. I'm just amazed on how great this scale sounds and how flawless Papa Gates explains it. Oh, yeah - that phrase at the end...that'll keep me busy for such a long time!
  10. Shumu

    Two Finger Tapping - Lesson 97

    Those licks in Bm at the end were...something else.😳
  11. Shumu

    One Finger Tapping

    Gotta admit, I made said noise Papa Gates mentions at the end of the vid :LOL:
  12. Shumu

    One Finger Tapping

    :)) My thoughts exactly! That lick sounded amazing
  13. Shumu

    Sweep Picking 4 – Lesson 82

    What is cooler than that sweep itself? The joke Papa Gates made at the end :)). I was not ready
  14. Shumu

    Just wanted to say: respect, sir! You're an amazing human being! Thank you so much for all the...

    Just wanted to say: respect, sir! You're an amazing human being! Thank you so much for all the time, work and thought you put into all these amazing videos! It's people like you that make me question what I want to leave behind, what is my contribution to this world - and in the process maybe...
  15. Shumu

    Stoicism - not bad.

    Stoicism - not bad.
  16. Shumu

    Introduction to Economy Picking – Lesson 77

    Aaah, "Sloppy Triplets" - the name of my future band. We'll be opening for "The Up Da-awns"
  17. Shumu

    Alternate Picking Exercises 3 – Lesson 75

    That last part was so funny! I actually expected the second thing to be something important and serious. Well, bye bye social life :))
  18. Shumu

    Introduction to the Diminished Scale – Lesson 72

    Mr Haner, thank you so much for taking the time to do this lesson. It's by far the best explained and most amazing lesson I've seen in my life. Respect, sir! I think this will keep me busy for an enormous amount of time
  19. Shumu

    The Locrian Mode – Lesson 66

    Great explanation, cheers!
  20. Shumu

    Building More Complicated Chords – Lesson 49

    Cheers, everyone! This was a truly amazing lesson, especially the advice at the end. So true. Papa Gates is one amazing human :D