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    It has not. Idk how good their record keeping is, but this website tracks the set lists of bands and there's a stats page for each band to show how many times they've played a song. Betrayed is not on the list and I've never seen and videos or shows where they've played it. It's probably too...
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    Can someone please tell me where he got this jacket

    Yeah probably custom. He used to have a clothing line for a bit in the City of Evil days. I used to have a few shirts, but a couple are missing. His stuff was dope.
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    I'm going to do it! (Change tuning on syn custom-s)

    Floyds are so easy to change tunings on or to retune once you know that blocking the trem in the back is the key to all of it. On top of that, they hold tuning better than I ever thought possible, or at least the German Floyds do. I have an old Schecter that had the 1000 series Floyd and it was...
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    Idk about full of dislikes. It's currently sitting at 129,000 likes to 5,100 dislikes. That's a pretty solid ratio. And yes, the song is incredible. I've heard people say that it's too repetitive, but I have to disagree. If people had better relative pitch, they would be able to hear the...
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    "Nobody" from the new album "Life is but a Dream"

    It's a lead single because they aren't so much concerned with what will get played. To go along with what one of the band members said, they are releasing shit that people haven't really heard before and showing them what's good. I don't question anything they do at this point. Everything they...
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    "Nobody" from the new album "Life is but a Dream"

    This is what City of Evil was to me when it first came out. I loved the solos, but I was put off by the whole vibe and the change in Matt's change in vocal style since I had been listening to Waking the Fallen on repeat for a year or two, but it quickly grew on me and became one of my favorite...
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    "Nobody" Playthough

    Especially right now when the album hasn't been released yet, but I don't want to ask too much, ya know?
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    "Nobody" Playthough

    Syn, if you're really out there watching over us- please, for the love of G(O)(D), do a playthrough video of "Nobody", or at least the solo! And if you're feeling extra generous, breakdown the solo and thought process behind it. It would be great guitar content for the great guitar school we...
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    "Nobody" from the new album "Life is but a Dream"

    All I can say is HOLY SHIT! This song is so dark and epic. And Syn's solo is FUCKING WILD. The craziest thing I've ever heard him play. This song just lit a fire inside of me to start playing again. As soon as I have time today, I'm learning this song.
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    syns guitar pedal

    I don't think he was making a pedal. I could be wrong, but I believe what you're referring to was the video where he was playing with a pedal at James Brown's workshop. I believe he was using that pedal to help design the tone & feel of the Schecter amp that James ultimately designed.
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    Syn gates store pick ups

    My response from this thread----> https://synner.com/threads/traditional-vs-tremolo-pickup.6395/ "Yeah, the difference is more of a cosmetic one than anything. I think it was most likely more of a marketing thing that a functional design change. I've never really done an objective comparison...
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    Traditional VS Tremolo Pickup?

    Yeah, the difference is more of a cosmetic one than anything. I think it was most likely more of a marketing thing that a functional design change. I've never really done an objective comparison between a traditional spaced pickup and its F-spaced counterpart, but I have had many pickups with...
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    The guitar phenom you've never heard of....

    Well probably not, but this guy is kind of a legend among the initiated. Check this ridiculous pentatonic sweeping lick out from none other than the incredible Marshall Harrison. This dude streams live all the time on youtube, and his music knowledge runs DEEP. Amazing!
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    Synyster Gates Ideal Amp Settings

    For real though, if anyone wants a Syn Axe FX II preset, I think I have a phenomenal one saved somewhere on my hard drive. For a while, it was the ONLY preset I was using for distorted tones.
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    Afterlife and Mia

    Thanks, yeah I just downloaded the best sounding tab and changed the solo. The the only thing I remember tabbing on that was the 2 solos in the middle. I did not do the ending clean solo. As far as the part I did do though, I'm pretty positive it is 100% accurate. I compared it to that video...
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    Afterlife and Mia

    MIA is definitely more difficult. I've been a pretty avid fan of the band since 2003 and learned all of Syn's hardest solos and MIA is the only one I've never been able to consistently nail. MIA is difficult because it requires A LOT of pick hand agility, like he's always changing directions...
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    Technical issues...

    Here's a pro tip video for you on tuning a floyd rose: Also as far as the the order of strings to tune on ANY guitar but also especially on tremolo equipped guitars, there are a lot of theories on this but I believe you should always tune from the string with the highest tension to the string...
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    Syn's pick type?

    I had the same struggle for a while. I used 2.0 gators for a long time because I liked the stiffness and dark tone they give, but then I proceeded down the rabbit hole of pick materials, shapes, etc and it's gotten easier to change picks and feel comfortable. I think it's the minute change in...
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    Learning new riff...technique advice

    As for the Blackstar, you could retube that thing so cheap and even improve the tone substantially. It would only be like $70 after shipping. As for the speaker, if you're set on just replacing the speaker, Celestion Vintage 30's really are the quintessential rock guitar speaker. They just...