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  1. Dr.Lunatix - Euphoria [Official Lyrics Video]

    Dr.Lunatix - Euphoria [Official Lyrics Video]

    I recently released my debut album titled 'Lunatic Asylum,' and I'm excited to share my first original song from the album called 'Euphoria. Please tell me what you guys think of it.
  2. Dr.Lunatix - McFly [Official Audio]

    Dr.Lunatix - McFly [Official Audio]

    I did a cover song of Pinkly Smooth's 'McFly' as a tribute to the Rev. Can you guys listen to it and let me know what you think? If there's anything I need to improve, please tell me. It's really important to me.
  3. Riff Vile

    How long to practice?

    5 or 6 hours may be. I don't really count. but i always practise my both electric and classical guitar. may be it's more than 6 hours. because the only time i'm not practicing is when i'm eating and studying. ( I only study 2 hours 😅) .
  4. Riff Vile


    I can't watch papa gate's blues lessons. when i click the play button, it doesn't do anything. can you fix that?
  5. Riff Vile

    Guitar notes for Pinkly smooth-Mezmer intro and solo

    Does anyone have note sheet for pinkly smooth - mezmer guitar intro and solo? . I found a tab at ultimate guitar .com. but it's not completed. if anyone have, plz help me. (y)