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    C major scale

    Honestly I don't know how to
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    C major scale

    I'm doing fine going up the Scale (CDEFGABC),but coming back down the Scale it just sounds off?
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    Overview of a major chord

    Is the CEG all on separate strings?
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    Major chord

    Honestly I'm not understanding any of it
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    Overview of a major chord

    When PG says 135 is he referring to the frets?
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    The Major Scale – Lesson 7

    Is this formula the same going back down the neck or is it reversed?
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    Practice makes perfect

    How long do you guys practice each day?
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    Getting a closer look

    I've turned my phone sideways in an attempt to a full screen of papa gates playing the guitar but most of the screen is taken up by the notes?
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    Learning the basics

    So I literally only started playing earlier this week,I just don't know how far along I should be,I still familiarising myself with the fretboard layout,how long should it take for me to learn a song?
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    Learning the basics

    So I've recently started learning how to play but I'm currently playing without an amp,am I limited to what I can do?