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  1. Brian Haner Sr.

    New Dating App for Synners? 🤔

    Suddenly I'm interested in the school again.
  2. Brian Haner Sr.

    I (sorta) made a FREE Hellwin amp software

    Nice! Ironically - We'll be in California in June.
  3. Brian Haner Sr.

    I (sorta) made a FREE Hellwin amp software

    All good. Suzy and I have a gig in town - every other Wednesday at a little bar. That's the only time I pick up my guitar. Just classic pop/rock stuff. You saw me in Long Beach - so you know the drill. I just use the Fractal through the PA. I literally use 4 different patches. And I NEVER have...
  4. Brian Haner Sr.

    I (sorta) made a FREE Hellwin amp software

    That's awesome! I miss that amp more than you can imagine. Didn't realize how much I used it in the studio - ironically for mostly clean sounds. I'm glad it's in good hands and your paying it forward. And it was only moved twice. Into my house (by me) and out of my house (by you). That thing is...
  5. Brian Haner Sr.

    Learning piano to help with guitar?

    Thanks Ed. Not a big deal. I've stepped away from music before - even for months at a time. I have a local gig in Vermont and am playing once a week. A duo with my wife. Just cover stuff, but we enjoy it. I'm really taking a step back from recording, live-streams, writing, etc. At some point...
  6. Brian Haner Sr.

    Learning piano to help with guitar?

    I was thinking of doing a 10 video series of "piano for guitar players" before I lost interest in music. My advice is: 1. Learn the names of the notes on the piano. There are 12 and then they just repeat. C Db D Eb E F Gb G Ab A Bb B (or C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B) 2. Learn all your basic...
  7. Brian Haner Sr.

    What type of arpeggios are these?

    1. Am9/11 2. GM9#11 3. FM9#11 4. Em9/11
  8. Brian Haner Sr.

    Coming here from JustinGuitar

    Welcome! Lessons are coming soon. I promise!!!
  9. Brian Haner Sr.

    Thank you all so much

    That’s wonderful! So happy for you. It’s a great guitar and far more versatile than one might think. I have recorded all styles of music with it; jazz, country - you name it. Ironically, the hardest thing to do on it is sound like Syn, because, well - he’s Syn. Good luck and post vids of your...
  10. Brian Haner Sr.

    CoE, White Album, and Nightmare have no filler. Prove me wrong.

    I would just add that I totally agree, the more filler you have on an album, the less iconic it will be. I guess the sticking point is how you define filler. I guess some bands are lazy and allow less than their best material to be put on an album. One thing not mentioned is - it also comes...
  11. Brian Haner Sr.

    CoE, White Album, and Nightmare have no filler. Prove me wrong.

    They write15-20 songs for every album. Then they record 12 and leave the rest for later release or special release, etc. And some they just shelve. They might spend a month on each song. There is no fill. Every song counts. There is no fill songs on HTTK and there is not a single note of fill on...
  12. Brian Haner Sr.

    Guitar How do you visualize the fretboard?

    What a great question!!! I've never really considered it before. I suppose it's a combination of everything. When I play blues I'm thinking more about pent boxes and scales patterns. When I'm playing jazz it's all about (or mostly about) connecting arpeggios (min Maj, dim) through chromatics. I...
  13. Brian Haner Sr.

    Comment by 'Brian Haner Sr.' in media 'Very sloppy "As Tears Go By" A7X Grammy version practice'

    Great job! It's trickier than it sounds. Keep working hard. You're going to be a great player! Proud of you, Javier!!!!
  14. Brian Haner Sr.

    Just a thought to share

    It’s a lazy, flippant answer - because a lot of people are dicks. Everything you said is 100% true.
  15. Brian Haner Sr.

    Im done with this unfruitful pursuit. Goodbye shredding for now.

    I could not agree more. Music should be fun. Play what makes you happy. Or for that matter, don’t play if that makes you happy. Life is short. Find your bliss!
  16. Brian Haner Sr.

    What would you do different if you could start playing for the first time again?

    Great question! Probably spend a lot less times on scales and more time on arpeggios and chord structure.
  17. Brian Haner Sr.

    Making of Self-Titled's B-side & Until The End

    They may have some vid of it. I have no idea. I just know the b side stuff was an afterthought. What do we do with good songs that didn’t fit on the album? Let’s release them as bonus tracks with a live album! Vids are definitely a question to ask syn.
  18. Brian Haner Sr.

    Making of Self-Titled's B-side & Until The End

    I honestly don’t remember much. Syn came to my house with a couple of tracks. I laid down some demo acoustic guitar on a track (can’t remember which one), and then worked on string arrangements for Afterlife and Until The End. They used my arrangement on Until The End, but only used a small...
  19. Brian Haner Sr.

    How to practice effectively...for just about anything

    Fantastic!!! I have used repetition (starting slow), positive visualization, and short practice sessions for many years. Did not know about the conductive super highway created by repetition. Also, muscle memory is misunderstood. No - muscles don’t have memories, but muscles are built from...