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    Guitar Basic Tools for Guitar Maintenance?

    Oh, another thing that can be really handy is a compass (like the north/south/east/west kind). I use that to determine which way the polarity of the pickups were sitting so that when I replaced the magnet or pickup themselves, I have them in the correct orientation. If you don't get them in...
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    Guitar Basic Tools for Guitar Maintenance?

    Contact Cleaner: Blue Painter's Tape: Snail Tape...
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    Two New Chords – E & Am – Lesson 13

    There's nothing specifically wrong with playing the whole chord on the down and up, however, if you break it up you end up adding some dynamics to your playing which can make it more interesting to listen to/play. The downstroke lends itself to emphasising the bass/lower strings and with a...
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    I'd start with the "The Fundamentals of a Guitar" and knowing how to tune it. That will just...

    I'd start with the "The Fundamentals of a Guitar" and knowing how to tune it. That will just leave you with working out how to play it :)
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    Whats up everyone, hope is well

    only if syn does it like they do in mean girls... I could see Papa and Syn doing this:
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    I'm Not Happy With Some Things Here

    There's a discord ?
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    Anxiety while… choosing music?

    Listen to as much stuff as you can. Like #EdSaid(tm) it doesn't matter what you listen to specifically. The more you hear, the more you can absorb things that other people do, and in turn find what other people do that you already do. Something I use a bit is in Spotify, there is a "<Insert...
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    Practice consistently and regularly.

    Practice consistently and regularly.
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    A Synyster Tale

    The faint smell of cinnamon was lingering in the air. How could that be ? Agmar had an affinity for using cinnamon as a reagent, but the spice had not been seen in many years.
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    Monster mash
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    Putting the fun back into playing and breaking harmful mindsets

    My suggestion would be to try to express yourself through your guitar. Get some backing tracks and noodle then with the intention of expressing yourself. This in itself with improve your technique as you will not think about the moves, you will think about how to say something that both isn't...
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    Left handed and acoustic guitar

    Yes, most of the lessons can be done with an acoustic. It may also help you with your finger strength if you did end up getting an electric.
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    Bad selector switch?

    If the guitar is 2nd hand, you could try contact cleaner and working the switch.
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    Comment by 'Forgetabull' in media 'Venom by BFMV'

    Probably our first riff with groupies
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    Comment by 'Forgetabull' in media 'Chord and Strumming Practice'

    I thing something you might like to try is just switching between two chords, that will help with your memory and how fluid your changes will be. A couple of good ones for this are: * A minor to C * E minor to A minor * E major to A minor * E minor to A major * E major to A major (Brown Eye...
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    Guitar Guitar Strap

    A method some people use is to essentially have the guitar at the same height when standing as when you are sitting. Ie. Adjust the strap so that the guitar doesn't go any lower when you stand up from a sitting position. Another thing is, when you're going from strum to soloing, that's where...
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    What makes your playing uniquely you?

    I have a distinct inability to remember songs or solos, so thereby improv a lot *coughwnkingcough* when I'm jamming with others..