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  1. Possessed Sinner


    Yeah, it's Ordinary to do this
  2. Possessed Sinner

    Raw material

    Oh thank you! Yeah, it would be awesome to discuss some things! I prefer VC but it's up to you, what is better for you. With a VC, we can discuss some things right with a demonstration
  3. Possessed Sinner

    Raw material

    I tried one song and I think I need the videos
  4. Possessed Sinner

    Raw material

    Oh thanks, I will check and let you know! Thanks for the suggestion
  5. Possessed Sinner

    Raw material

    There's also The Rev playing Almost Easy, but I really need all of the stuff (guitars, vocals, drums, bass, piano, etc.), But thanks
  6. Possessed Sinner

    Raw material

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing great! Is there any source of raw material of A7X songs (like Almost Easy, etc.), Everything separated into different tracks/files? I would really like to learn mixing and mastering on A7X songs, but I don't want to use tools to separate guitars, vocals, etc...
  7. Possessed Sinner

    Cover collab/skill collab

    Sure! Find me and I will create a group (or at least I will try) @s1nn3r43v3ris my IG. It has a small cat as a profile picture
  8. Possessed Sinner

    Cover collab/skill collab

    @Saysay @Javier Wienarjati What about creating an IG group and start doing something? How does it sound to you?
  9. Possessed Sinner

    Cover collab/skill collab

    Hi everyone! Hope you are doing great! I was thinking about starting a project, a collab to be precise, and I would like to do it on something A7X, or in a Jared's shred collab. For both of them, I would need some guitarists, bassists, drummers and even some vocalist. The result would go to my...
  10. Possessed Sinner

    Custom guitar picks? :)

    Sure! Is 100USD per pick too much?
  11. Possessed Sinner

    "Raiding" Synner Spotify profiles

    sure! Serum and some free Juno 60 copy for Reaktor 6. You are welcome :)
  12. Possessed Sinner

    Building a guitar

    Thank you! My patience doesn't end so I want to try it and if it fill not work, it will be a fretless guitar
  13. Possessed Sinner

    "Raiding" Synner Spotify profiles

    Btw if you want some basic shit, some 80 type chiptune videogame sounds, you can check mine. Btw I am thinking about starting a metal album, so stay tuned! Upcoming should be orchestral, so let's see what I will get to the world!
  14. Possessed Sinner

    New Dating App for Synners? 🤔

    I WANT IT! 😍 Any matches there? 😀
  15. Possessed Sinner

    Building a guitar

    I know that it should not be a problem when it will be for a personal use, but I don't know if it is fine when it will be in a video. But better be sure than sorry
  16. Possessed Sinner

    Make a 6 string sound like 8

    You can try to detune the guitar if you don't need high E and B. But make sure it is not loose to much or you will not be able to play almost anything. Or you can go into a music store and learn it there on an 8 string guitar
  17. Possessed Sinner

    I need to change my strings! (and you too, Ari 🦆🔪)

    At least some type of a wire cutters, and if you have a classical guitar, don't use steel frets, else the wooden bridge that is held by a glue will snap off. If you have a classical guitar, where you need to wire the string around the bridge, you can find some tutorials for it. It looks...
  18. Possessed Sinner

    My strings sound like crap

    Check if your fret is flattened. Check your intonation. Check if your pickup isn't too high. If you have a floating trem, check if it is still leveled with the body.
  19. Possessed Sinner

    How do I stop sounding like a robot

    Use any type of slight string bend. Not even a quarter tone. Try to use more vibrato and don't be shy of playing naturally, it doesn't have to be perfectly on the time. Don't worry about playing few milliseconds behind. Add some feel to it - don't focus on having constant dynamics all the time...