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  1. Ryan Vega

    Hey everyone I haven't posted here in a while but I wanted to share my bands newest song with you all

    Looking it up now I just finished it. Never would've guessed that was Hoobastank. Wasn't ready for show me your titz lmao :LOL:
  2. Ryan Vega

    Guitar Alternative methods for "Unlocking the Fretboard"

    I was playing for almost 10 years when this site came out and I was never able to improvise and stay in key (i assume is what you mean by unlock the fretboard) until I finished the 7 guitar scale positions lessons that was game changer for me I think that's a great place to start.
  3. Ryan Vega

    Hey everyone I haven't posted here in a while but I wanted to share my bands newest song with you all

    I don't really know any hoobstank besides those one or 2 hits on the radio i'll have to give them more of a listen tonight! thank you 🍻
  4. Ryan Vega

    I need help with playing faster (shreddingggg)!!!

    I personally increased my speed thinking of it like a workout. Choose one lick to work on either legato or alternate picking and yeah you have to practice slow at first but once you have the lick down then what I recommend is finding your limit on it like set your metronome to 180 or whatever...
  5. Ryan Vega

    Hey everyone I haven't posted here in a while but I wanted to share my bands newest song with you all

    I'm including the link tree to it below so you can listen to it on whatever platform you prefer, let us know what you think! New Song
  6. Ryan Vega

    Intermediate What's your approach to learning new chords?

    personally, i've learned a lot of different chords just from covering songs I like sometimes they'll have a funky chord that i've never played and if you're somewhere like say ultimate-guitar.com they have the name of it and all the different positions. If you wanna start learning some really...
  7. Try 2 Stop Me (Guitar Playthrough)

    Try 2 Stop Me (Guitar Playthrough)

    Hey I play guitar for the band nearly spent and made this playthrough of a song I wrote, if you got time to check it out give me feedback and to help ya boy out with those algorithms and whatnot that'd be dooope haha, thanks hope y'all are having a great day
  8. Ryan Vega

    Help! My guitar keeps slipping out of tune!

    if the bridge is not flush it will keep going out of tune, you most likely have to much string tension or not enough. the floyd rose has springs in the back and you have to adjust them if you are changing your strings or tuning till the bridge is flush with the body of the guitar again. It's a...
  9. Ryan Vega

    Considering Giving Up On Lead Guitar....

    I personally always go through phases where I want to practice a lot or I want to write a lot. Just do whatever your soul is feeling bro and don't worry about what others think if you have the means to write music and put it out then do it bro go hard and don't stop, maybe it will inspire you...
  10. Ryan Vega

    Wife just bought me this beast

    what model is this one? :eek:
  11. Ryan Vega

    Have you forgotten how to play your instrument on stage? I have

    Damn dude that's rough can honestly say i've never had that one happen to me LOL
  12. Ryan Vega

    We want to hear from you!

    The only thing I hate about this site is that I can't upload directly to it and I have to use links from elsewhere. Other than that everything is great I recommend people here all the time. More of those special guest lessons would be cool too like the one where you had dude from trans siberian...
  13. Ryan Vega

    How do I teach someome play guitar?

    Just show your cousin smoke on the water and watch him evolve
  14. My first guitar solo

    My first guitar solo

    Made this back with my friends in my first band back in highschool we were together for a long time. I got a little emotional while trying to remember how to play this ngl it brought back lots of memories while remembering of them of that like time of my life idk, I almost didn't finish...
  15. Ryan Vega

    Super saddened

    I DO want a collectible lol
  16. Ryan Vega

    Super saddened

    I will forever be sad I couldn't afford one of those first blood moon ones he released when the site was still new
  17. Ryan Vega

    The lick challenge has begun!

    give me a challenge