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    Guitar New to forum- Trying to get motivated

    Hey guys! Just signed up today, mainly because I was watching YouTube videos of people playing avenged songs and I remember Syn had a site. So, here we are! I have been playing off and on (lots of off times lol) for 15 years and I never seem to be able to keep it up all year round. I used to...
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    Guitar Bat country solo help

    Yeah. I remember using the John Petrucci flight of the Bumblebee tab to help me good woth chromatics. I never got as fast as John, but it sure helped with chromatic runs like in Bat country. I found the sweeps in Bat Country hard though, still do!
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    Guitar What songs to play for intermediate player?

    For me bending is hard. I ended up giving up on that solo many years ago lol. I should give it another go. Maybe ive improved. Always struggled with hitting the right tones on bends. Speed is not the issue.
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    Guitar Bat country solo help

    I think just slowing it down and keeping to a metronome then increasing it will help. I havn't tried playing this song in years but I remember using guitar pro and slowing down the tabs so I could play along in time. Then increased by 10 rpm every time I got comfortable..