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  1. Kfir Yaakovi

    Life is But a Dream

    Can't wait for the album. I never compare new work for the previous ones, you just dont compare art. Couldn't get to Vegas :( but soon the album is out :) Lets go!
  2. Kfir Yaakovi

    Are they performing the album before it comes out?

    would love to go but it's on the other side of the world :D (though its only 6 years of swimming to Vegas)
  3. Kfir Yaakovi


    Not every song needs to fit everyone. It's about the band expressing themselves. I enjoyed the art in the music and the more I listen the more I like it.
  4. Kfir Yaakovi

    Student of the month: Synyster Gates

    Syn Gates? Sounds like Nobody to me
  5. Kfir Yaakovi

    libad5343.net - Marketing Campaign or ????

    Im deeply invested in this game and the discord :D Can't sleep and can't work lol.
  6. Kfir Yaakovi

    Love the album but not the band - discussion

    I can't think of an entire album. Usually I connect with 1-2 songs, or I just like everything 🤣🤣
  7. Kfir Yaakovi

    Take your time and enjoy the process

    Being able to play silently is a life changer! Now I can play in bed while the wife sleeps!
  8. Kfir Yaakovi

    Any singers out there?

  9. Kfir Yaakovi

    🎆 Spotlight student of October 2022! 🎆

  10. Kfir Yaakovi

    ⚠️ Update on the lessons! ⚠️

    Hope everything will be resolved soon <3 I volunteer to save a local copy of all the lessons for an offline backup (:
  11. Kfir Yaakovi

    Any vocalists wanna help me with my project?

    I can do Ed sheeran or Ariana grande 🤣
  12. Kfir Yaakovi

    Oops. So I won't be playing for a while.

    Hey man! Cheer up! Pentatonic solos and bends FTW 😀😀
  13. Kfir Yaakovi

    Guitar Guitar Strap

    I know there is an adjustable strap that yan change the height in the middle of playing with just a simple click. This might be good to play with because I think some playing require different positions (solos, etc)
  14. Kfir Yaakovi

    My first show!

    Good luck brother! Please do upload it here so we all can enjoy!!
  15. Kfir Yaakovi

    Happy birthday Syn !

    Happy birthday big brother
  16. Kfir Yaakovi

    Here is a draw that I made

    Very nice 😀
  17. Kfir Yaakovi

    What makes your playing uniquely you?

    The true thing that defines my playing, is how uniquely I mess up the playing🤣
  18. Kfir Yaakovi

    📺 PG's streams go free! Come join us on the 26th! 📺

    Enjoy your free month 😀
  19. Kfir Yaakovi

    Best guitar pick for Syn's style of playing

    I'm not sure. I just tested some picks and plays with what was most comfortable to me. I guess i want something not too thick but yet not soft to bend on pickings
  20. Kfir Yaakovi

    📺 PG's streams go free! Come join us on the 26th! 📺

    Looking for 2000 people that want a legend status please. 🤣🤣🤣 Gonna be sick!