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  1. Steven Huth

    any news on when lessons videos will be functional again?

    I'm a security analyst and I constantly preach about backups. In his defense, Vimeo shouldn't have dropped the ball however they did. I'd be curious on how these videos just disappeared (if they were hosted by them).
  2. Steven Huth

    any news on when lessons videos will be functional again?

    Backups are lifesavers. You won't ever need them until one day you do. Good luck getting it all back together.
  3. Steven Huth

    Comment by 'Steven Huth' in media 'Avenged Sevenfold - Ordinary full solo'

    Sounds great! You crushed it.
  4. Steven Huth

    synyster whammy bar

    Custom S uses a Floyd Rose 1500 series tremolo bar. The bar itself is the push in type, not the screw in. https://www.floydrose.com/collections/upgrades/products/frtapi?variant=29837630034
  5. Steven Huth


  6. Steven Huth


  7. Steven Huth

    Cosmic solo

    It's called an artificial harmonic. This is the first one in the Cosmic solo. You basically play the 9th fret, bend it fully, and then lightly tap around the 21st fret to get that high pitched harmonic to ring out. It will definitely take some practice.
  8. Steven Huth

    Signature guitars

    Get us Synners first dibs Ed :D :D :D :D
  9. Steven Huth

    LIBAD = 10/10.

    LIBAD = 10/10.
  10. Steven Huth

    A7X listening party TODAY at 5pm PT with Syn in chat!

    Will be fun seeing everyone’s reaction. I was lucky enough to hear it in Vegas and it’s a 10/10 banger. Really unbelievable things. You guys captured feelings somehow and put into music.
  11. Steven Huth

    BIG NEWS - "Nobody" Guitar

    I have a Dark Knight coming so nbd if I don't get one. It'll be interesting to see where these will be priced at.
  12. Steven Huth

    BIG NEWS - "Nobody" Guitar

    You should have him give us first access! Cool stuff though, that 7-string headless is super appealing. :D
  13. Steven Huth

    Does Syn sweep pick the lead in the Beast and the Harlot chorus?

    I believe it's alternate picked as well. Check out from 4:17:
  14. Steven Huth

    Lessons Updates

    Great news! Thank you for all the hard work you and your team have done to get us back up and running.
  15. Steven Huth

    I'm Not Happy With Some Things Here

    There isn't going to be a one size fits all solution for everyone. That's just how life works. Things that are helpful for this group of people won't be helpful for that group of people. But what can be done is to be all inclusive to everyone's individual learning styles and encourage them to...
  16. Steven Huth

    I'm Not Happy With Some Things Here

    I'm going to throw my two cents in here because I care and am passionate about seeing this place flourish: Calling the Synner channel on the Deathbats Club discord server a trash fire is, for sure, not a way to bring those students back to this site. To be quite frank, it's the complete...
  17. Steven Huth

    Actions speak louder than empty words.

    Actions speak louder than empty words.
  18. To End the Rapture

    To End the Rapture

  19. Steven Huth

    🎸 ''Season of blues'' contest 🎸

    Congrats @GolemXIV! Well deserved.