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  1. Gabby Heafy


  2. Gabby Heafy

    Hola, new guy here!

  3. Gabby Heafy

    New guy.

  4. Gabby Heafy

    Hello everyone

    Welcome Randy!!!
  5. Gabby Heafy

    Papa got a new song.

    Love it! Happy Holidays Papa G!
  6. Gabby Heafy

    Hello, newbie here!

    Welcome!!! 🤘 ❤️
  7. Gabby Heafy

    New Guy here.

  8. Gabby Heafy

    Prayers For Synyster Gates

    Sending all my love to him!! ❤️ 🙏
  9. Gabby Heafy

    My First Performance Using a Guitar Strap

    thats great!! Congrats :)
  10. Gabby Heafy

    New here, and new to guitar :)

    Welcome!! So Glad to have you here ❤️
  11. Gabby Heafy

    Happy Bday @Syn Gates 🍾🥂

    Happy Bday @Syn Gates 🍾🥂
  12. Gabby Heafy

    What is your favorite A7X album?

    Waking the Fallen 🔥
  13. Gabby Heafy

    Deathbats Club

    I have 3 deathbats and I can guarantee you that you have incredible benefits❤️‍🔥, I have a free ticket for when they come to my country, I can't wait to use it! and highlight the beautiful community that is always be there to support and help you ♥️
  14. Gabby Heafy


  15. Gabby Heafy

    Syn's Birthday

    Count me in!! I would love to be part of this😊🤍🤍
  16. Gabby Heafy

    New guy- what was your first concert?

    Welcome!! Glad to have you here🤘🤘💯
  17. Gabby Heafy

    What are you currently listening to?

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🤘
  18. Gabby Heafy


    Thats awesome!! Congrats!!