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  1. Aaron_Turner

    Almost Easy Tab

    Can anybody else not post anything in the thing?
  2. Aaron_Turner

    Prayers For Synyster Gates

    some info here...
  3. Aaron_Turner


    I know this will not happen for a while, if at all, but should Avenged Sevenfold do another full album stream like they did for LIBAD, will it be here, or on the discord.
  4. Aaron_Turner


    Same. I wish it was a longer song
  5. Aaron_Turner

    Top three favorite Bands

    Lost It All by BVB is 🔥🔥🔥
  6. Aaron_Turner

    Top three favorite Bands

    The lead singer is Tom DeLonge from blink 182, the band formed after there first break up.
  7. Aaron_Turner

    Top three favorite Bands

    Angels and Airwaves, Avenged Sevenfold, Falling in Reverse.
  8. Aaron_Turner

    MAKING a Guitar

    Lot of sanding. Also, this video uses a lot of machines, such as CNC.
  9. Aaron_Turner

    MAKING a Guitar

    Does this help?
  10. Aaron_Turner

    MAKING a Guitar

  11. Aaron_Turner

    Synyster Gates New Guitar

    Okay, thx
  12. Aaron_Turner

    Synyster Gates New Guitar

    Hey All, I know this has been brought up before, but I’m curious about Syn’s new gold headless. Have there been any updates, or estimates for things such as cost and availability?
  13. Aaron_Turner

    Happy Birthday Syn! 🤘

    That came out wrong…
  14. Aaron_Turner

    Happy Birthday Syn! 🤘

    Happy Birthday Syn! Don’t die on me yet tho, still counting on a new album to release in the future so I can see you live!
  15. Aaron_Turner

    Learning songs by ear

    You don’t need perfect pitch to learn songs by ear, just find the wrong notes, and that should lead you to the right notes
  16. Aaron_Turner

    What is your favorite A7X album?

    depends on my mood tbh
  17. Aaron_Turner

    What is your favorite A7X album?

    LIBAD and Avenged Sevenfold
  18. Aaron_Turner

    This band