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  1. Víctor González

    City of Evil celebrates its 15th Birthday today

    I remember being completely run over by Blinded In Chains playing NFSMW back in 2005. That music style was a bit too much for me back then (I was 10 y/o), and little did I know they would become my all time favorite band a few years later. I'm still trying to figure out what Jimmy did on that...
  2. Vultures Above - Sick of the Sun (Poppy cover)

    Vultures Above - Sick of the Sun (Poppy cover)

    Dunno if this should go here since it's a cover. Been getting into Poppy lately, love her new album so I decided to cover this one. Hope you like it!
  3. Víctor González

    Alternate Picking Exercises 1 & 2 – Lesson 40

    Not triplets, straight 16th notes :LOL:
  4. Víctor González

    Alternate Picking Exercises 1 & 2 – Lesson 40

    For me, when it's 8th triplets, the mark is 200 bpm, and when it's 16ths I set it on 175 bpm. I would recommend setting the mark at a speed that makes it a little uncomfortable to play but not impossible so you don't burn out on the same exercise. Then you can come back after you complete all...
  5. Víctor González

    Favourite A7X song at the moment for y'all?

    Same here, the bridge and solo were a very reliable source of goosebumps for me for months. I ended up overplaying it and I'm kinda numb to it now though. As of now, maybe I would say Sunny D is my favorite. Having blast beats and horns in an A7X song is something truly special!
  6. Víctor González

    Pentatonics IV

    These finger stretching pentatonic runs are very challenging! Here's me trying to play it at 185 bpm (92,5 actually, but having more clicks helps me play in time). https://instagram.com/stories/vulturesabove?igshid=zhj6dmdmx988
  7. Víctor González

    A hearty hello to everyone

    Welcome, hope you have a good time here!
  8. Víctor González

    Syn custom S string gauge?

    Funnily enough, my high E string snapped today and I actually followed your advice, thanks!
  9. Víctor González

    Syn custom S string gauge?

    Yeah, I've watched a tutorial by Ben Eller that makes it seem pretty simple, but still I would rather mess with my old Ibanez GRG270 haha. Thank you all for your help!
  10. Víctor González

    What are you currently listening to?

    Then you might enjoy the solo project from their lead vocalist, Ihsahn too. It leans more toward prog metal but still preserves some of those black metal roots. This is one of my favorites from him:
  11. Víctor González

    Syn custom S string gauge?

    Hi, fellow shredders. I have a question for any of you that own a Syn custom S guitar (I assume this is the place to ask). Do they all come from factory with the same string gauge? If so, which one is it? I'm planning on changing them for the first time since I bought mine and I'm afraid to...
  12. Víctor González

    Tapping IV

    Here's my stab at it! I played it at 175 bpm, which I believe is around what Syn plays in the video.
  13. Víctor González

    Comment by 'Víctor González' in media 'CesarGuitarCover on Instagram: Avenged Sevenfold - Beast and the harlot Intro.'

    You played the 16th note part very tightly, and it's pretty difficult to play clean since you have to change the string every 4 notes, so props to that. On the other hand, I think you need to work on your bending technique, you took them too far on the intro (especially the last one). Take some...
  14. Víctor González

    Comment by 'Víctor González' in media '#Deadmenriffs - Matt Heafy Riff Challenge'

    I thought about entering the contest too, but was too lazy to récord it (still wouldn't be able to win because of the country). I'd suggest actually picking the notes where you pull off and hammer on, that way they will have more consistency and there will be less ringing noise from other...
  15. Above the Sea of Fog solo (Vultures Above)

    Above the Sea of Fog solo (Vultures Above)

    Initial sweeps still a bit rough, it makes a huge difference for me playing 12 instead of 13 on the first string. Would love to hear your input guys!
  16. Víctor González

    Hello everyone!

    Hey y'all, my name is Víctor, I'm from Spain and I've been playing for ten years. I've been using this site for quite a while now, but I've never actually posted anything, so it feels kinda weird as I'm not exactly a new member here. I've also been a huge A7X fan for the last ten years too...