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  1. Anna.VG

    A7X listening party TODAY at 5pm PT with Syn in chat!

    OH YEAH!!! I’m so excited to hang out with y’all again, missed you in here Syn! It’ll be fun🥂🥂
  2. Anna.VG

    Carnival of the Souls: The Final Sessions

    A curious fact of the song "I will be there" is that Paul wrote it in honor of his son, who's born at the time they recorded it. Also, I walk alone was the first and the last song Bruce Kulick sang during his period in the band I'm glad you took the time to hear it, Ed!
  3. Anna.VG

    Love the album but not the band - discussion

    For me it would be Motley Crue; I love the Girls, Girls, Girls album and that's because my best friend is obsessed with them, I enjoy hearing it but other than that, I'm not interested into digging more albums or songs hahahah
  4. Anna.VG

    Carnival of the Souls: The Final Sessions

    Hey Jamie! man, about music from the Elder it's something that, surprisingly, liked! Totally different from Dynasty and I get why some people hated it, there's nothing disco in here! I like it and my favorite song from it it's "A world without heroes", idk why I'm so fond on Gene's vocals Eric...
  5. Anna.VG

    Carnival of the Souls: The Final Sessions

    I love them so much too! don't ask me why, I just simply do hahaha! Give it a listen, it's pretty cool!
  6. Anna.VG

    Carnival of the Souls: The Final Sessions

    Hey Ed! Hahaha I'm sorry if I make you feel old but man, I wish I was born in the nineties so I could experience all of that😝 you were lucky to experience it, I've never been able to attend a KISS concert and that sucks! You're welcome, hope you like that album!
  7. Anna.VG

    Carnival of the Souls: The Final Sessions

    Hello there Synners! I've been M.I.A for a couple of months but I'm back, and I'm back with a discussion. As you know I'm a huge fan of KISS since 2021 and for the last year and a half I've dedicated myself to listen album by album, you know, trying to know the story behind them, the lyrics and...
  8. Anna.VG

    Thank you❤️

    Syn! Thank you so much for doing this! I had an awesome time😛 I’m so excited for what’s coming, I know the wait will be so worth it ❤️‍🔥 thanks for answering my question with the raddest song lmao😆
  9. Anna.VG

    JEEN-YUHS A Kanye Trilogy

    Awesome! incredible message, I know y’all work hard and put so much passion in every record you do, I can’t wait to hear the new album, meanwhile I’ll give a listen to this :)) it’s cool to know what inspires you and the guys
  10. Anna.VG

    Synner Webinar for Legends+ with Syn (Early March)

    Yes it was on zoom in may of last year, there was a thread where you could put some questions for Syn, then in the video call you could just ask him the question, it was cool af
  11. Anna.VG

    Synner Webinar for Legends+ with Syn (Early March)

    Thats good! It’ll be awesome if you could do it like last year on zoom! Ahahah anyways, I’ll se u there!!
  12. Anna.VG


    This is interesting! I like how varied are the AOTM! well I have listened a few song of Kanye but not a whole album so yeah, this is going to be fun to listen👀😜
  13. Anna.VG

    Deathbats Club

    Here’s deathbat VG 😝
  14. Anna.VG

    Howdy Synners! 💞

    yo mary! im glad to see you here🤍 welcome to this amazing site! 🥳
  15. Anna.VG

    💎 Synner on display winners! 💎

    Thank you so much!!😭😭 This made my day! You guys are the best🥺🤍 and congrats to the other winners and all the people who participated, this was so fun!🥳🥂
  16. Anna.VG

    Creepiest A7x song

    Girl I know, i liked the song until i read the lyrics 😆
  17. Anna.VG

    🌟Synner on display submissions! 🌟

    Synners beg for forgiveness Ok, you asked something creative and this is what came to my mind😝 I was really, really inspired heheheh enjoy! *I’m using the bomber jacket 🥂
  18. Anna.VG

    Shadows' Revolver Interview - New Album Timeline, etc.

    Know that they’re having a full orchestra for the album makes me so freaking happy! Maybe we will get a symphonic concert finally? 👀😝 anyways, I’m so excited for this new record!!