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  1. Meezy Chaos

    Year 2

    I spent a lot of time watching people on tiktok/youtube shorts that were "playing guitar" along with a song and comparing how much progress I was making until I saw musicians react to some of the videos and flat out say it was fake because the person wasn't playing anything close to what the...
  2. Meezy Chaos

    Year 2

    This day last year I made a post about being here for a year and I wanted to do another one for this year. Last year I left a message for anyone new to learning to never give up but this year I've taken that message seriously. During the months I was too sick to even think about playing guitar I...
  3. Meezy Chaos

    newbie hi!

    Welcome! 😁
  4. Meezy Chaos

    Theoretical Key???

    Thank you so much for explaining this, I should have known better than to look at Wikipedia for a reference :ROFLMAO: The b and # thing always screwed with me in band class and i guess it carries on the tradition of screwing with me now that the semester is over haha.
  5. Meezy Chaos

    Theoretical Key???

    So I was messing around in BandLab today with the AI generator and the project was generated in G# Major. I have a notebook full of the notes and chords for scales but I haven't done the # scales yets so i googled it and it came up with this: "G-Sharp major is a theoretical key based on the...
  6. Meezy Chaos

    Rebuilding old skills?

    So i forgot i posted this haha but this is kinda what I've started to do. It seemed to work for me and I ended up progressing further than I was before I was sick. Still working on remembering how to read sheet music but it's slowly coming back
  7. Meezy Chaos

    Rebuilding old skills?

    So I've played guitar for a little over a year and a half but for the past month I've been really sick and haven't been able to do anything. As I've been recovering I've just gotten to the point of being able to pick up my guitar again and I noticed I'm having a hardtime playing things I used to...
  8. Meezy Chaos

    A year on Synner

    Glad i could inspire someone :)
  9. Meezy Chaos

    A year on Synner

    I've stuck to audios of playing, but i've lately been thinking of switching to video so i can look back and visually see what im doing. I cant wait to see more progress another year from now 😄 not just with me, but for everyone here, i've seen so many new people join the community and im excited...
  10. Meezy Chaos

    A year on Synner

    I also look forward to being here with everyone for many years 🥂
  11. Meezy Chaos

    A year on Synner

    Tysm to the people who interacted to the post! I was not expecting to wake up to this 😂 also i hope anyone who reads this has an amazing week and remembers that you are amazing and capable of anything you set your mind to! 😄
  12. Meezy Chaos


    Welcome to the family 😁
  13. Meezy Chaos

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the family 😁
  14. Meezy Chaos

    A year on Synner

    Today marks a year since I joined Synner on my old account. When I first joined Synner, I had no idea what I was doing and I had just started playing guitar. I was doing school remote and since the classes were shorter I would spend the rest of my day practicing lessons from here. When summer...
  15. Meezy Chaos

    Guitar I wanna get better as a guitarist as a lead / rhythm

    Like what pretty much everyone else has said; using a metronome and counting beats is pretty vital. Try to practice whenever you feel motivated, even if its just 5 minutes or less, any practice you can get can help you. Just remember, it can take years to improve and to notice how much you've...
  16. Meezy Chaos

    New Account

    Hi, I'm Matt. I have been on Synner almost a year with my other account @Shade and have decided to move to seperate account with my new email. I never really posted much on my old account but I may or may not post more on this one 🤷🏻‍♂️ usually when i post it's to welcome another person into the...