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  1. dzmitry_zybaila

    Comment by 'dzmitry_zybaila' in media 'Megadeth: Holy Wars - Guitar Cover'

    Megadeth is a great band for all time !!! 💪🧔(y)
  2. dzmitry_zybaila

    Alternate Picking I

    no problem! Productive work !!! 🙏
  3. dzmitry_zybaila

    Alternate Picking I

    hi guys! checked with the metronome it turned out 130 bpm
  4. dzmitry_zybaila

    Alternate Picking I

    Hello Mr. Haner. Jr! How are you? Could you tell us how you practice guitar? How much time do you spend on average working on a game technique? Thanks!