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  1. Ed Seith


    Welcome, Ali! You're in the right place!
  2. Ed Seith

    Overview of The CAGED System – Lesson 23

    Re-read this whole thread. It is repeated over and over that these are not necessarily meant to be played and mastered as complete chords for regular use. I have been playing almost 40 years - my hands are not physically capable of playing the G-shaped chord in full ANYWHERE but open. What you...
  3. Ed Seith

    Guitar 7 string now or later on?

    You can stay with the six for now just fine. Adding another string doesn't require re-learning anything - you just add on to what you know with the math and shapes being the same on the 7th string as they are across the whole fretboard. It's not typically an issue.
  4. Ed Seith

    Syns Pentatonic Etudes Not Working

    Those that are missing are likely to stay missing (though nothing stays gone forever)
  5. Ed Seith

    Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales - Lesson 5

    We know. It's not you, it's us. It's a LOT of work to fix, but we're getting to it as we can.
  6. Ed Seith

    Introduction to Alternate Picking – Lesson 39

    Holy shit, Ryan, WE LOVE hearing stuff like this! I'm so glad you found your way!
  7. Ed Seith

    HELLWIN, Veteran Got Shot, Anyone got one I can try before I die?

    Wow, thank you for your service. My son spent 4 years overseas in the Marine Corps, and my son-in-law is currently deployed on an aircraft carrier in the South Pacific. I don't have a Hellwin, but I'd love to hear more of your story!
  8. Ed Seith

    Guitar String Gauge

    I've got age, not magnitude :) And yeah, the specific model you're talking about does do that. I'd forgotten about them. I tried a couple of those once, maybe 8-10 years ago, and I wasn't crazy about it, but it is an after-market ZPS (zero-point system). Then again, if memory serves, it was a...
  9. Ed Seith

    Pentatonic XI

    As of right now, certain videos cannot be found at all. Most are in the process of being fixed, but if the video is gone, we have little hope.
  10. Ed Seith

    Overview - Lesson 1

    Unfortunately, they are lost. They will not be back. If PG finds the original files somewhere, he may do something with them, here or elsewhere, but for the moment they are considered lost forever.
  11. Ed Seith


    I've begun working on syncing the lessons from the beginning. It's slow going. The blues lessons are gone. If PG finds the files, he may put them up on his own site or something, but our former host lost the files and no one appears to have a backup. The Pentatonic Etudes may have met the same...
  12. Ed Seith

    Guitar String Gauge

    It works, but it takes the float (and ability to pull sharp) out of the realm of possibility. Worthwhile trade for some, not for others.
  13. Ed Seith

    CAGED System – The A Shape – Lesson 25

    He's starting there because the 5th fret on the low E string, which we're starting the shape from here, is an A.
  14. Ed Seith

    Overview of The CAGED System – Lesson 23

    The shapes are meant to be UNDERSTOOD, not necessarily played as chords. Playing the G shape on the 2nd fret (an A chord) is nigh IMPOSSIBLE for people without alien hands. HOWEVER, the overall shape can inform note choices when writing a melody or playing lead. You can also use PARTIAL shapes...
  15. Ed Seith

    The Major Scale – Lesson 7

    GREAT QUESTION! And the answer is none of the gaps matter. Each of them is 1 fret, or one 1/2 step. B to C is a half-step sharp. F to E is a half-step flat. B to C# is one whole step.
  16. Ed Seith

    The Guitar Fretboard Layout – Lesson 6

    The hardest part about playing guitar is making it look easy.
  17. Ed Seith

    The Guitar Fretboard Layout – Lesson 6

    Good question, and the answer is just teaching simplicity. Whether notes are sharps or flats is based 100% on what key the music is in, so when there's no specific key, it's just "convenience" or "familiarity." I think Papa chose to use both just to generate familiarity with new students.
  18. Ed Seith

    How To Hold The Pick – Lesson 4

    Many players, including myself, go back and forth and don't think anything is wrong with an anchor pinky. Syn does it sometimes, as well. It's maybe a little bit of a "crutch" for some players, but it's not a HINDRANCE, so if you were just learning, it might be something to avoid, but it's not a...
  19. Ed Seith

    Prayers For Synyster Gates

    The closest thing he has to a publicist is our own @Jamie London - no new merch drops for the rest of the year, at least, as far as I know. Why are you trying to get a hold of him?
  20. Ed Seith

    Economy Picking IV

    Correct. Web team is having trouble locating the correct one. Sorry for the inconvenience!