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  1. redlipsofdeceit

    Captain Ed's AOTM - October: Iron Maiden - Live After Death

    Oh, fuck yeah! Iron Maiden is one of my fav bands, and I regret so much that I missed their concert at Rock in Rio (in the same day A7X played, btw), because I was already too tired from the A7X concert. 😣 Bruce's "air-raid siren" voice is something that blows my mind, and I've watched some...
  2. redlipsofdeceit

    A much needed break

    Congratulations! May you and your family be blessed with health and happiness. 💖
  3. redlipsofdeceit


    Also, @ari.mac, I forgot to say it earlier, but I really loved your analysis. You brought up some very interesting observations, my sys. :pink-heart:
  4. redlipsofdeceit


    He is a special human being, for sure!
  5. redlipsofdeceit


    Talking about Queen's music is a very emotional thing for me, because I grew up listening to them thanks to my mom, who has an amazing musical taste and loves Queen dearly, and my aunt (in memoriam) who also loved them. Listening to their music warms my heart and gives me nostalgic vibes every...
  6. redlipsofdeceit


    Fuck yeah, finally a band I grew up listening to! I am so excited for this, I can't even express how much! Hahahaha Gonna go do a deep dive and come back later with my thoughts. Thank you for this. I was expecting Queen some time and it finally happened. :rock-hand:
  7. redlipsofdeceit

    Captain Ed's AOTM - September: Def Leppard - On Through the Night

    I am only seeing this now, oof 😪 Gonna give it a listen tomorrow and then share my notes. Thank you, Captain Ed!
  8. redlipsofdeceit

    Law and terms of the music industry

    @ari.mac @Aquamandy @Batbia
  9. redlipsofdeceit

    And the 6 Magic Note Contest Winner is...

    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the whole process, sys! ❤ I agree with the team, this way was very fair! Ed big brain lol
  10. redlipsofdeceit

    And the 6 Magic Note Contest Winner is...

    Congrats to the winner and the honorable mentions! Very good! 🤘🏻 I also wanna say that @Ids Schiere, @Muz Malek, @ari.mac and @Batbia also deserve an honorable mention in this contest, because their entries were absolutely delightful! Very good stuff! Shout out also to the fact that my girls are...
  11. redlipsofdeceit

    KIMONO MY HOUSE by Sparks

    No need to thank me! Glad I could help. I read all the reviews (after I post mine, of course, so I don't get "influenced" and copy anyone 😅) since AOTMs are fun when discussed in community! 🤗
  12. redlipsofdeceit

    KIMONO MY HOUSE by Sparks

    Jimmy didn't introduce this band to Brian; it was the other way around, this time. 🤘🏻
  13. redlipsofdeceit

    KIMONO MY HOUSE by Sparks

    I gave the album a listen, and it's very different from the music I usually listen to, even tho at some points some things reminded me of Queen - which is a band I grew up listening to -; maybe because those bands had some 70s stuff in common, I don't know. I gotta be honest, didn't really dig...
  14. redlipsofdeceit

    KIMONO MY HOUSE by Sparks

    Never heard abot them, so I am excited to get to know their music. Thank you, Syn! ❤
  15. redlipsofdeceit

    Syn's #AOTM July

    Thank you, PG! Definitely gonna listen to it carefully, and then come back later to share my notes with you all. See you later! 💜
  16. redlipsofdeceit

    Take a break, have a meme

    A friend shared this on a Discord server I am a part of. Had to share it here. 😂
  17. redlipsofdeceit

    Happy Birthday oldman Ed!

    THE PIC, I AM SCREAMING!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 OMG Happy Birthday, Captain Ed! Like Radu already said, we can't imagine this place without you! Thanks for everything you've done for us. I wish you all the happiness in the world. And also a great health insurance (you're really gonna need it, 'cause you...
  18. redlipsofdeceit

    Happy Birthday to Millie!

    Yep, can confirm, everything will go downhill from now on. Life sucks. Enjoy it. BUT HEY, HAPPY FUCKIN' BIRTHDAY! 🎂🎉
  19. redlipsofdeceit

    Sidewinder outro

    That wouldn't surprise me, not even a bit.