Building a Guitar !

The Raven

New Student
Nov 11, 2019
This is the closest I could get to the idea I want for a custom build without using expensive software I don’t own and talents I don’t have.

The killer is I want a custom inlaid ebony fretboard and paint job on the guitar. Well considering just this body and neck with the hardware is estimating my cost around $3,000 I can’t exactly afford that lol

Kevin Kwasneski

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
Hopefully he let it cure at least a week anyway. But when you wetsand start with 1000 and MAKE SURE you sand down all shiny spots. As you can see in the image below I didnt sand down all the shiny parts:
If not you will end up with what are called “fish eyes” pock type marks in your finish

Gabriel Corso

Free Bird Player
Nov 11, 2019
@kevin thanks for the pictures mate !!!
I will post pictures of mine in a different post in about an hour. Going to pick it up in a moment.
To be honest I think that’s my friend used 1000. But I don’t know much more than that.
@tyrone he did it by hand on his sofa while watching tv, haha.
But taking care not to get his house full of wood hahaha.
Pictures coming tonight.
The blue colour did not end up the way that I would love it to be, burn I liked it !!
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