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Care and Feeding of your Best Friend Floyd

Ed Seith

Supreme Galactic Overlord
Staff member
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Marana, AZ USA
    Over the last couple months, a LOT of folks have been complaining about their Floyd Rose tremolo, on both their shiny new Schecter Synyster Gates models, and on other models. I had an older guitar with a Floyd on it that I was going to put much heavier strings on and set up for Drop B tuning, and I thought that would present a perfect opportunity to go through the basic mechanics of the Floyd Rose, what the parts are and what they do, and finally, how to tune the fucking thing without pulling out all your hair. That’s still an exercise in patience, but my method is typically much faster than I do it here, because you’re usually tuning to familiar notes and the guitar itself is comfortably set up for that gauge and tuning, but the example still applies. You also won’t likely ever have to scour the house for an extra Floyd spring.
    Anyway, it’s LONG and I tell some old-man stories and shit while I work, so pour some whisky in your coffee and come over to Captain Ed’s place to learn more about your wiggle stick.

    Jak Angelescu

    I absolutely love this! I am so glad I have time today to sit down and watch this! it’s something I really needed! I will definitely make myself an Irish cream latte and head on over there!

    Adin Shepherd

    Music Theory Bragger
    Nov 11, 2019
    Melbourne, Australia
    I have managed to find the time to watch about half of this, top work Ed, very thorough and informative from what I have seen so far.
    I don’t have a Floyd anymore, and watching this just reinforced why I got rid of it. Unless you plan on sticking with one tuning or buying a wall of guitars they just aren’t practical.
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    Jak Angelescu

    I feel really bad for men whose wives don’t let them buy guitars. If I ever had a boyfriend who told me to not buy a guitar I would be like “okay. Your bags will be on the front porch when you get home” 😂😂