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Community Practice Time - Sunday Feb 6th 1pm EST


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  • Jun 5, 2020
    So about a month ago I did a stream where I talked all about learning and how to approach it. Well, now it is about time that I put my money where my mouth is and actually pick up a guitar again.
    What do I want this stream to be:
    • The, as we say in Dutch, the stick behind the door to actually force myself to practice guitar again
    • An online, community study hall where everybody just works on their own thing and has a good time
    • A way to get instant feedback or questions answered
    When I started playing guitar again at the beginning of the panorama I found that basically anywhere you look you're getting bombarded with sleek edited videos of people being amazing at guitar, and honestly it wasn't motivating for me at all. So yeah, this is not gonna be that. I am not in any way, shape or form, a good guitar player, but that is the whole point of this stream. I'm mainly doing this for beginners, because in the beginning I was was terrified of showing videos of myself playing guitar and I don't want anybody else to feel that way.

    See you there hopefully! :geek: