Community Updates Coming Soon

Hey guys,

Just wanted to send out a quick update about new changes coming to the community! We will be making an adjustment to the user upgrade plans soon and this is simply due to the funds required to keep this site in the amazing shape that it's in while also adding on new features like streaming and the app. If you currently have a user upgrade, don't worry! Your cost won't be changing.

We'll also be reorganizing the upgrade plans a bit. The supporter upgrade will be leaving, but if you are currently a supporter, you'll be upgraded to Legend for a year!

And the Legend package will also be changing with items such as the care package and community webinar being moved to Legend+, our new user upgrade plan. This is simply due to the cost of creating and sending out care packages as that is all done by hand. But if you're currently a Legend, you will be moved up to Legend+ for a year as well!

These won't be changes that will be made immediately, but we will let you know as soon as they happen. I really appreciate everyone's understanding with this as it can take quite a bit to keep a community up to date and continue to add functionality that we know you all will love. If you have any questions please let me or another staff members know and we'd be happy to answer!