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Cool cheap portable practice amp (>$30)

Awex Came

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May 23, 2021
Just wanted to share this little practice amp I got today. It’s portable, uses a USB C cable to charge or power. So you can take it with anywhere and use it without a power outlet.

Less than $30, and ships internationally. Ordered from AliExpress and ships from China. Took maybe 2 weeks or less to the USA. I have a small Blackstar Fly amp and I find this new one to have a tone that I like better

- 2 Channels (Clean and Overdriven)
- Portable (rechargable, no batteries)
- Bluetooth in to jam along with songs from your phone
- Aux In
- Headphone out for silent practicing

You can look around on AliExpress and find different companies and sellers of the same product. I think Joyo makes one too. I think they also make one for bass.