Dear Alicia...

Donovan Etue

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  • Nov 11, 2019
    Washington State
    I wholeheartedly agree with the main statement of this post/these comments! Alicia is a fucking awesome person. Alicia definitely fits/feels right in the role of admin. Someone who's dedicated time on the school like Syn and Papa Gates initial thoughts/hopes about how the school would be used just like Jak has/did/does. Whether it's dedicating time in learning/utilizing the lessons, posting her progress on the riffs/media page to show off her progress as well as using it to ask for help. Helping out fellow students to help them build confidence in their playing as well as themselves in the forums. Thank you for your hard work/ the time that you dedicate to the school. Transitioning and actively being an admin is certainly a difficult enough job let alone being a mother, as well as pushing forward in your own music journey. I don't witness what you do beyond the forums as an admin but if Jak and Sr are saying you are doing good work, well then you are certainly doing good work. Keep doing what you're doing!
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